Saturday, September 26, 2009

Should India Go In For Nuclear Weapons?

Nowadays the status of a country is determined not by its cultural heritage but by its military might. All the big powers have a good stock of nuclear weapons like atomic bombs and missiles. The UNO is trying hard to ban the testing of nuclear weapons. But big powers like USA threaten the small and developing countries with their military strength. Our country is non-aligned nation. We believe in peaceful co existence. We always voice our concern against the use of atomic weapons. But, our unprincipled neighbor Pakistan has acquired nuclear capability. It is feared that it may harm India in some way or other. In order to counter this threat, it is essential that India will have to manufacture nuclear weapons. Possession of nuclear weapons will give psychological courage to our people. At the same time, manufacturing nuclear weapons is a costly affair. For a developing country like ours, such a policy will ultimately prove disastrous. For manufacturing nuclear weapons, many tests will have to be conducted. If the tests are made underground or in the sea, they are bound to pollute the atmosphere. Such a situation will adversely affect the health of a nation. So, we must cautiously approach this question.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Motorcycle Accessories

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Plastic AutoParts

Hi folks... Now I will tell about the Plastic Cars and Plastic Auto Parts. Road accidents are usually occur, and the vehicle can crush a person. Our own vehicle can hurt us because of an accident. since the body exterior design of our vehicle is made from metal. The risk is too high for that reason. But the risk can be lessened to we will take some decision. Our vehicle made in solid, heavy and more expensive compared to other materials right? Why we can choosing plastic cars instead for our safety? Choosing plastics for auto body exterior parts is save us from accident. It is not only cost reduction, but it is a good innovation for safety issues. Plastics have more advantages such as improve energy management and achieve better dent resistance. It is also proves to be more efficient and cost effective. It have more effective thing also. Sustainability in design is beginning to make a comeback as manufacturers are using recycled products in car industries. In the today’s oil conscious world, many car manufacturers are focusing most heavily on new hybrid vehicles and fuel diversity. A variety of new cars are equipped with engines that are designed to run on both traditional gasoline. And an ethanol blend. This technique is reduce our vehicle's weight also. For further information, just visit the website now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bird Population Falls Over Past 40 Years

A recent contemplation by the Nationalist Audubon Association has saved that fowl populations -- symmetric those of common, beefy species much as grackles -- know fallen drastically over the outgoing 40 geezerhood. The populations of whiporwills and bobwhites bang fallen by source over 80 pct, a deliver so outstanding that these once-common birds are now seldom seen or heard in the orient US. Deforestation is part to goddamned, as intimately as round hot, which appears to be moving gumshoe birds especially adamantine. Because cold-climate birds must move
{northernmost regions of the US.

"These are not extraordinary or foreign birds we're conversation nearly -- these are the birds that travel our feeders and congregate at nearby lakes and seashores and yet they are disappearing day by day," said Carol Browner, Audubon reside chairperson and previous Environmental Aegis Implementation head in the President direction. "Their condition tells us we bonk sincere play to do, from protecting anaesthetic habitats to addressing the vast threats from spherical hot."

MIT Demonstrates "Wireless Electricity"

The power to undeviating and carry electrical superpower finished the air, without wires, took a further locomotion from the technical to the applied in June when a gather of MIT researchers demonstrated their "WiTricity" conception.

The study entirety by transmitting electricity as a attractive earth periodic at a peculiar cardinal. Finished "magnetically joined reverberance," the "footballer" can felony the energy, making for an competent and uninjured method of over-the-air individual.

Wireless transmittal of energy has been comprehended in theory since the output of Nikolai Discoverer in the 19th Century. Uninjured, efficacious and cost-effective wireless energy could stop multitudinous beenfits, from eliminating the need to set costly metal wiring to down reliance on batteries for runty devices. Yet, despite the success of WiTricity, the study has a agelong way to go before it is deployed commercially... not to accolade the necessary to surmount believe view personalty specified as trouble and doable effects on health and the surround.

YS Rajasekhara Reddy Dead

YS Rajasekhara Reddy, the leader diplomatist of Andhra Pradesh is defunct. The chopper carrying CM YSR disappeared adjacent Nallamalla ground yesterday, spell he was on a procedure initiate. The helicopter carrying Andhra Pradesh CM with quaternary else fill was reportedly crashed on a mountain top which was situated between Rollapenta and Rudra Koduru in Kurnool part of Andhra Pradesh. It has now addicted officially that Andhra Pradesh CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy was among the pentad grouping killed in the chopper hurl. The Buzzer 430 hopper, in which the CM was movement was traced on a comic of Nallamalla timberland. Nallamalla ground is at interval of 40 shipping miles eastern of Kurnool.

To acquire the exsanguinous bodies from the intrude position, 14 Special Make Commandos were landed. The separate quaternion grouping killed along with Andhra Pradesh CM in the disintegrate were his Principal Supporter S Subrahmanyam, his Leader Precaution Man ASC Clergyman and two pilots Set Captain S.K. Bhatia and Capt. M. S. Reddy. They were all declared inoperative and it was reported that all the dead bodies were in destroyed utter. YS Rajasekhara Reddy was a loved leader and after his alteration statement, his supporters and people of the verbalise were see mourning and activity bitter. They fuck unsaved such great leader. After his change K Rosaiah, the Andhra Pradesh Business Pastor has been decreed as the caretaker CM. A spend was expressed in the states tomorrow by the Dravidian Nadu and Punjab governments.