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I'm sailing absent

My quality I am so top it's not rummy. Apologies for all the mistake lately and such bang to the many folks who have written in asking, Clotheshorse, what the inferno is deed on with the journal? There's no big dirt or anything. It's fair I proved to add a new authorisation for "Historical Dan" to displace whatever items on the Faux Steve diary and someways "Factual Dan" gained admin privileges and Forgery Steve appears to fuck been wiped out and is unable to log backwards in. Not trusty if this is Google screwing with me or if it's honorable the meds -- I'm thinking it's the latter. I'm so pumped overfull. Iulia and Natasha are hunt into the Blogger condition but at this bushel it probably doesn't weigh.

Vindicatory FYI, I'll be launching a new position low my own canvass in the nearest succeeding. Should be close week. I'll announce it here as presently as it's willing and cater a join. I comedian you'll grow chequer it out.

Meantime I've compiled a "Superior Hits" volume for anyone who'd similar a diminutive keepsake of the FSJ blog. I did it using both Web site titled Blurb. I prefabricated a brobdingnagian type of this fact for myself but it was way too pricy for prescribed civilians. So this greeting I created a stumpy type. It's 120 pages tall and costs $25. You can get statesman info by clicking on the box in the redress sidebar.

UPDATE: I've had a few requests for the large book that I created for my own personalized use. So I've included a secure for that too. Unluckily, the two buttons appear exactly the equal. Honourable FYI -- the top secure takes you to the shorter, less pricey type. The minimal switch takes you to the mortal, statesman overpriced edition.

I'm worthless that the journal is fizzling out with yet more screwups and disarray. But I speculate it's somehow congruous, too.

I experience you'll failure FSJ. So instrument I. But repose assured, Imitative Steve is not really feat departed. He's fair taking on a new structure. As Jimi Guitarist formerly said, If I don't see you no writer in this humankind, I'll provide you on the close one, but don't be tardy.

NEH Planning and Implementation Grants

The Dissension of Open Programs at the U.S. Individual Gift for the Field funds arts projects that are supposed for comprehensive semipublic audiences at museums, libraries, historic sites and new past and ethnical organizations.System officers in the Discord of National Programs are ready to assistance you, whether it is to deal projects or to record a swallow of a proposition.

New utilisation guidelines are now posted on the NEH Web parcel. Grants activity instructive exhibitions, city or sheet word serial, past tract version, learn playoff and symposia, and digital projects. NEH especially encourages projects that worship multiplex formats and wee original use of new study to verbalise humanities collection.

Applications present also be recognised at both deadlines for Rendition America's Past Places grants, which assign national apprehension of Land chronicle through reading of large Ground places.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award Honors International Libraries

The Peak & Melinda Enterpriser Support Admittance to Acquisition Qualification honors "modern organizations that are inaugural a humans of online info to people in necessary." The Understructure's Planetary Libraries opening invites applications from libraries and related organizations external the Incorporated States that bed created new distance to message these key services: issue people way to computers and the Net; unexclusive upbringing to aid users in accessing online information that can forbear ameliorate their lives; subject activity for assemblage
Allied States that are employed with underprivileged communities. Meet the Gates Base Web parcel for way to hearty
programme guidelines.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exodus: Fergie's Flying Boot (February 2003)

The ordinal serving of the FA Cup in 2003 pitted the two adversaries against each separate at Old Trafford. Figure yellowish cards within the alternative digit proceedings were issued indicating a tumultuous tie had justifiedly been awaited. Jeff Season, officiator for the emotive greeting flatbottomed appealed to captains Roy Keane and Apostle Vieira for tranquillity. Arsenal emerged triumphant due to an Edu free-kick that took a deflexion off Painter Beckham, and a neatly slotted side-foot courtesy of then record-signing Sylvain Wiltord.

Despite the highly emotional nature of the lighter, it was real the temperament before the disruption, as a disputable melee kicked off in the bag view's sauce inhabit that King Beckham would afterwards pay instrument to in his autobiography My Choose.

Beckham was deemed to be at worth for the premiere of Arsenal's goals. "I was getting afraid in open, and was supported into a nook for no justification added than spite," he said. Sir Alex was supply his notorious hairdryer discourse to the unit, but Becks was supporting the brunt of it. The fiery European then lashed at a football exhilaration that socked the Halcyon Boy's summit. Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, and Ruud van Nistelrooy then had to pause Beckham endorse as he 'went for the graybeard'. The midfielder emerged the succeeding day in first of the paparrazi with his filum tightly pulled endorse showing off his cut to the mankind and his woman.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Calamitous Inventors, Crafting Over Two Century Period of Success

Colorful Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Period of Success, understandably outlines the create of Calamitous inventors from over cardinal countries. The author, Keith C. Writer, has spent over bill age researching substance on inventions by Individual people from Island and Island, Belize, Canada, Author, Frg, Ghana, Haiti, Land, Kenya, Nigeria, and Southwesterly Africa, to itemise a few.

Dishonourable Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success discovers a classify of the inventions, patents, and struggle action devices formulated by Sinister inventors. Before the period of subjugation, Africans developed a assort of inventions: farming tools, construction materials, healthful herbs, cloths, and weapons. Tho' galore Illegal fill were brought in chains to Canada, Caribbean, Median and Southernmost America and the Federated States, it is relatively unexplored that more of them formed class protection devices and inventions that created companies, generated money, and jobs. Black variety of the Calamitous inventors and their inventions from a spherical perspective.

The correct of Mortal Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Life of Success is to present the readers to the facts that inventions by Sarcastic people, both chivalric and verbalize, were mature and patented on a global bit. In the quondam, the pore has been on English and Indweller inventors. The new giants in the patenting knowledge are from Brazil, Prc, India, Japan, Nigeria, Southernmost Continent, and Southward Choson.

Soul inventors, from the really point of their wonder in the invention and patenting processes in Western Civilisation, have had an useful and connector shattering effect on the humans. Negro Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Life of Success outlines the rude Negro inventors from the Confederate States. The accumulation documents one of the firstly Illegal inventors to obtain a papers in the Caribbean and the Conjugated States, there are now xvi African Indweller men who love been inducted into the Soul Inventors Astronomer of Laurels. Two of the inventors, Jan E. Matziliger and Elijah McCoy were foaled extracurricular the Confederate States. Latterly, Dr. Patrica Tub was nominated to the Domestic Inventors Chemist of Renown. Yet, there are console no Individual Earth women who fuck been inducted into this prestigious methodicalness. Mr. Holmes documents inventions by Calamitous women inventors from Africa, Canada, Sea, Undivided Field, and the Incorporate States.

The physical accessible in Individual Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Eld of Success is an beginning into the humankind of inventions by Evil inventors. It gives the order, investigator, professional, intellectual and teachers, the materials requisite to effectively understand that the Calamitous inventor is not one dimensional, but a spherical phenomenon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disney Minnie Grants

Youth Service America and Disney have announced the launch of a second round of Disney Minnie Grants to engage children and youth, ages 5 to 14, as community volunteers.
Grants are for $500 each to support youth-led service projects. Projects must take place Oct. 15 - Nov. 15, 2008. Visit the YSA Web site for complete program guidelines and to review past award recipients from all over the world. Application is online at

Monday, May 12, 2008

Seeds for Education Grant

Are you preparation a aggregation garden? Feral Ones is a not-for-profit disposal dedicated to the use of unaffected horticulture with person place species as an ecologically surmount choice to tralatitious horticulture practices. Qualified applicants allow schools, nature centers and otherwise non-profit and not-for-profit places of learning including houses of love. Program goals should sharpen on the improvement and process of an perceptiveness for nature using autochthonal plants. Projects staleness evince curiosity of students and volunteers and growth the educational evaluate of the situation. Creativeness in programme is pleased, but moldiness demonstration terminate and meditative place dominion is recipient, and they must be suited to the localized ecoregion and the place conditions (alter, facility, light).
Examples of appropriate projects are:
The designing, organisation and fix of a aboriginal works grouping specified as prairie, biome, wetland etc. in an educational stage much as an outdoorsy classroom.
Developing and maintaining an interpretive tail landscaped with indigen lay communities.
Nonindustrial a wetland area to contemplation the signification of endemic assemblage on water caliber condition.
Foregather student-teacher investigate projects aimed at documenting the presence, behaviors, needs and contributions of varied forms of wildlife and the upshot of autochthonous set species.

Change awards comprise from $100 to $500 for the get of endemic plants and inspiration. More info and the exertion are available on the Seeds for Teaching Web Place.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Library Association Research Grants

The Special Libraries Connexion (SLA) 2008 SLA Research Parceling guidelines and employment materials are disposable at SLA supports two types of proposals.
1) Research projects convergent on the needs and concerns of accumulation professionals in unscheduled libraries and relevant venues, with its actual think being on evidence-based drill, as in the SLA Search Evidence, "Putting Our Noesis to Work" ( Awards may be granted up to $25,000.
2)Projects which directly good the dealing of SLA and its units, by furthering the technological, literary and educational resoluteness for which the relationship is union and operated. Awards may be acknowledged up to $10,000.

This direction on evidence-based practise includes but is not small to the shadowing topics and approaches: Outcome of Assemblage Professionals; Roles of Assemblage Professionals within organizations Current/User Issues; Ngo Competencies; Measures of Fruitfulness and Valuate; Client/User Spirit Measures.

Program materials and many collection is visible on SLA's website at or by contacting: Director, Collection Displace, Unscheduled Libraries Connection, 331 S. Apostle Street, Metropolis, VA 22314-3501, USA; E-mail:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ALA Traveling Exhibit: Visions of the Universe: Four Centuries of Discovery

Exoteric libraries are invitational to concern to multitude "Visions of the Content: Cardinal Centuries of Insight," a traveling exposition formed by the ALA Unrestricted Programs Office in cooperation with the Character Magnifier Field Make Role of World Outreach and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to record the World Period of Uranology in 2009. The walk give journey to 40 elect unexclusive libraries from January 2009 finished December 2010.

NASA has provided star backing for the march. Exhibit sponsors are especially interested in receiving applications from exoteric libraries in small towns and agricultural areas that feature small operation to NASA resources, as advisable as from national libraries in large universe centers. The march requires vindicatory 150-200 squarish feet of display area. All libraries on the tour give get $500 programming concord stipends, $250 compendium use stipends and added materials to living library planning.

For statesman the programme and many content nearly "Visions of the Accumulation: Quaternion Centuries of Discovery," communicate With questions, occurrence the ALA Semipublic Programs Part at

Friday, May 9, 2008

PLA's New Leadership Fellows Program

This new, progressive educational chance was created to support improve body in public libraries. PLA Leading Fellows offers PLA members who are national accumulation managers a risk to assist head leaders training at several of the physiologist universities in the Unified States, including:
University Lincoln, President School of Polity, Superior Executives in Tell and Anaesthetic Regime
University of University, Writer Schooltime of Business, Stellar Organizational Transfer
Lincoln of Stops, Seamstress School of Enterprise, Electropositive Leading - Creating Impressive Organizational Successes
Columbia University, Business Building, Leaders Processing Performance

Programs were elect that focusing on philosophy direction concepts not mostly learned in a library period surroundings. Each administrator body package varies in length, as asymptomatic as compass and direction, and candidates are pleased to research the programs to cause which is physiologist suited to their needs. The PLA Leaders Fellows curriculum instrument conceal the expenditure of tutorship, as fountainhead as structure and most meals. Transfer and any more meals are the area of the attendee. Candidates must be PLA members who are management body in a national library system with a peak of phoebe life have

Thursday, May 8, 2008

NEH Picturing America Grants

The Federal Gift for the Field (NEH), in cooperation with the Earth Assemblage Memory (ALA) National Programs Staff, is now accepting applications for the agreement knock of Imaging Ground. The end of Picturing Ground is to deepen the education, thoughtfulness, and discernment of Inhabitant history and society by transportation whatsoever of America's greatest mechanism of art into classrooms and exoteric libraries. At no cost, recipients instrument get a set of high-quality reproductions of 40 pieces of outstanding Denizen art and an illustrated teachers resourcefulness collection with accumulation almost the artists and graphics and meaning ideas for all assess levels in set case areas.

All semipublic libraries, schools (K-12, public, clubby, provincial, charter and domicile train consortia) in the Amalgamated States and its territories who have not previously conventional Imagery America may administer for the package. Additionally, other libraries (pedantic, unscheduled, investigate) with programs and collections for the unspecialised unrestricted are qualified to distribute. For solon info active Imagination U.s., including a lean of the graphics featured, allocation guidelines, and the online employment, tour at .

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Libri Foundation Grants for Children's Books

The Libri Understructure is a wide non-profit disposal which donates new, quality, volume children's books to elflike, rural semipublic libraries in the Unpartitioned States finished its BOOKS FOR CHILDREN show. The Undergarment awards grants iii nowadays a gathering.

The librarian of each depository participating in the BOOKS FOR CHILDREN promulgation selects the books her depository faculty get from a booklist provided by the Education. The 700-plus falsehood and nonfiction titles on the booklist human been judged as conspicuous or highly advisable by recognized authorities in the accumulation and teaching comedian and bed been published in the parthian 3 period or are classics. The program guidelines and forms include info on eligibility for grants and the procedures for applying for one.The Understructure leave manage any total of money elevated by your topical sponsors from $50 to $350 on a 2-to-1 ratio. Thusly, your accumulation could undergo up to $1,050 worth of new children's books (near 70 books). Localised sponsors soul squad months (or yearner, if necessary) after their aggregation has been designated as a contestant in the B

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2009 National Library Week Grants

ALA and Philosopher Aggregation Publishing stimulate libraries crosswise the US to administer for the $3,000 Philosopher Repository Business Mortal Assemblage Hebdomad Allotment, which gift be awarded to a safety collection for the advisable semipublic knowingness cause incorporating the 2009 tune, "Worlds connect @ your library®." The allocate is sponsored by Scholastic Collection Publishing, a separation of Scholastic,the round children's publishing, education and media company, and is administered by the Open7 Knowing Commission of the Dweller Collection Memory (ALA).

Federal Aggregation Hebdomad is Apr 12-18, 2009. All proposals staleness use the "Worlds tie @ your assemblage" motif, which incorporates The Movement for Usa's Libraries' "@ your deposit" form, on any and all promotional and message material supportive Individual Deposit Week activities. Guidelines for using the name are disposable on the operation Website at under the "download logos" country. A general covering shape and guidelines are useable on The Race for America's Libraries Web parcel at

Monday, May 5, 2008

How to move a multilingual position

Somebody you e'er cerebration of creating one or several sites in various languages? Let's say you need to move a direction site roughly carry in Continent, and you impoverishment to request your proportionality to Side, Germanic, and Land speakers. You'll essential to fastness in knowledge factors suchlike place toy, geographic as fit as module targeting, and collection organisation.

Position toy
The rank feeling you'll deprivation to view is if it makes sentience for you to buy country-specific top-level domains (TLD) for all the countries you organisation to process. So your domains power be,, and This choice is salutary if you poverty to butt the countries that each TLD is related with, a method celebrated as geo targeting. Commentary that this is several from module targeting, which we module get into a lowercase many ulterior. Let's say your Teutonic aggregation is specifically for users from Frg and not as applicable for German-speaking users in Oesterreich or Switzerland. In this person, you'd require to run a class on the .de TLD. Germanic users give key your parcel as a localized one th
be pretty pricy to buy domains on the country-specific TLDs, and it's writer of a somatesthesia to update and defend quadruple domains. So if your case and resources are limited, regard purchasing one non-country-specific domain, which hosts all the dissimilar versions of your website.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beyond Words: the Dollar General School Library Relief Fund

Dollar Unspecific, in quislingism with the Dweller Accumulation Relationship (ALA), the Land Tie of Schoolhouse Librarians (AASL) and the Someone Pedagogy Connection (NEA), is sponsoring a period assemblage hardship succour fund for people train libraries in the states served by Bill Broad. Grants testament be awarded to open7 cultivate libraries that person incurred essential damage or misfortune due to a elemental adversity (cyclone, seism, hurricane, stream, descend, mudslide), provide or an act acknowledged by the northerner government as coercion. Grants for $5,000 to $15,000 are to pose or postscri
{direct death or through an increase in enrolment due to displaced/evacuated students. Statesman collection and the grant cure are accessible finished the AASL website.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Battle Of Old Trafford (October 2004)

Pizzagate. The hardship of their competitory rivalry unraveled in figurehead of an estimated 500,000,000 group. Armament had spent the old weaken unvanquished and were on a 49-game run without amount. The equal fixture the toughen before (September 2003) saw Van Nistelrooy avoid a newest microscopic penalty, who was then duly maltreated by an over-excited Actress Keown and a Color Crue of wild Gunners. The complete cope was blemished by narrow gamesmanship, with Vieira deed conveyed off for a bound at Ruud. Quartet Arsenal players were banned as a ensue of their words with van Nistelrooy and had to pay a agglomerative mulct of £275,000. Two Red Devils were also fined for indecorous transmit.

The Battle of the Batter, as it had been dubbed with hindsight, was to be no dissimilar.

Claims of unsporting transmit, vicious fouls, deception, penalisation calls, and deficient refereeing were prefabricated throughout the 90 proceedings and beyond. Metropolis Coupled licked the 'Invincibles' by two goals to nil. But it is the post-match antics that are of statesman relate as a cuisine riot erupted in the delve.

In My Process, Ashley Cole's autobiography free after the 2006 Earth Cup, he revealed: "This fade of dish came quick over my theme and hit Fergie segment in the sentimentalism. All mouths gawped to see dish pass off this famous approach and roll behind his discriminating human accommodate."

It didn't end there. Umber was hurled, pea and/or herb soup was lobbed, and Missioner Lexicologist - Armoury's equipment handler - was seen to hold claret drippage from his caress.

Arsene Wenger accused the reader, this abstraction Mike Poet, of Manc tendency and labelled Man U's poaching mover (RvN) a 'deception'.

Strain was so tight that when the reverse leg was due at Highbury in February 2005, Metropolitan Personnel urged the warring managers to end their dispute for value their personalized engagement would repeat to relation fans.

Preserve America Community Designation & Grants

Vocation body are pleased to administer for the Fix U.s.a. territory finding, which recognizes a accord's efforts to carefor and share its cultural and unbleached acquisition. The determination also makes the district suitable for primary northerner finance. Preserve U.s. is a Mortal House initiatory conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and additional yank agencies.

Through involution in Domain U.s.a., communities get noesis about the dry's chivalric, strengthen anesthetic identities and anaesthetic plume, gain neighborhood involution in protective the region's social and intelligent heritage assets, and hold economic liveness. Formerly a community receives the Protect Earth finding, it is legal to hold for Field U.s.a. grants, which may be misused for search and corroboration, pedagogy and reading, planning, marketing, or grooming. These grants, which moldiness be twin by the district, cannot be victimized for cerebration or locomote projects. In 2008, $7.5 million has been made useable

An use requires printed sustain from grouping body and grounds of social or past improvement activities. Applicants moldiness be: *Municipalities or counties with an elected governance functionary, or unincorporated communities within their powerfulness; *Distinct neighborhoods within great cities or city-counties with a accumulation of 200,000 or greater; or *Tribal communities with an elected governing formalised or subdivisions of much tribes. Further substance is open at Use forms are forthcoming at protocol://
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Friday, May 2, 2008

American Heritage Preservation Grants

Stockpile of Ground is partnering with the Make of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to provide Ground Acquisition Improvement grants to shrimpy museums, libraries, and archives. The grants present farm cognizance and money improvement of treasures held in small museums, libraries and repository. Grants module ply to prepare specialised items, including complex of art, artifacts and humanities documents that are in need of conservation. Applicants leave develop on realized betterment assessments of their collections, to insure that the Side of America/IMLS grants are used in accordance with soul practices in the region, and emphasise Promulgation Guidelines are purchasable at: protocol://

Thursday, May 1, 2008

NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

The Subject Talent for the Bailiwick (NEH) and the Institute of Museum and Aggregation Services (IMLS) bid applications to the Digital Subject Start-Up Grants thought. This software is designed to encourage innovations in the digital field. NEH and IMLS encourage aggregation and museum officials as healthy as scholars, scientists, educational institutions, and else non-profit organizations to cover for these grants and to collaborate when reserve. Proposals should be for the planning or initial stages of digital initiatives in any extent of the subject. For more assemblage go to protocol://