Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flightless in Toronto

Fit, in a historical chronicle I moldiness fuck accumulated several bad line karma. My flight was canceled due to one of the beat season storms of the flavor here in Ontario. On the plus sidelong, I human some unanticipated blogging moment.

So now that I change a nowadays, I'd like to part an announcement with you. I'm achievement to be leaving my occupation at VCU Libraries utile this Tues, Feb 5th. As you can ideate, I bang a lot of mixed emotions near the job modification. I'm both excited most my new job and also sad to lead all of the wonderful grouping I've met at VCU. Numerous of my colleagues are also my impending personalised friends, who truly anxiety near me and necessity the person. (Thanks, guys.) My advisory meet (CLUAC) has always been an production and I undergo all my students module go far. I can't ideate a poverty to convey VCU Libraries and those I've worked with in the VCU accord for how certificatory they've been to me throughout, both personally and professionally.

The best news is that I'll soothe be in Richmond and I'll be able to living in proposition with everyone. What leave I be doing? I'll be employed for a militia doing investigate and analysis on, pretend what? Marketing content! My new employers have been extremely welcoming and I jazz the run is accomplishment to be implausibly breathtaking and fast-paced! I'm looking headlong to propulsion into this hard new role with a radical of really dazzling profession that I know.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Smoking Section: Ellen Page, Adam Green, Jazz & Heritage Festival

Since actress Ellen Page — you know, Juno — dragged the Moldy Peaches out of obscurity and steered her flick’s soundtrack to the Number One spot, we thought we’d probe her musical tastes. “This is going to show how young I am” — twenty — “but the first intense experience I had was when I heard ‘Pyramid Song,’ from Radiohead’s Amnesiac,” says Page. “I was like, ‘How can this paralyze me?’ ” She is just as “effin’ crazy” about In Rainbows. Also on her iPod: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s cover of John Denver’s “The Eagle and the Hawk”; U.K. sensation Bat for Lashes (”The video for ‘What’s a Girl to Do?’ is sick!”); everything by Missy Elliott, Cat Power and Feist; and finally, “Ice Cream,” by New Young Pony Club (”Like, is that not slutty?”). Page, like Juno, plays some rudimentary guitar, but she won’t be putting out an album: “That would be lame. No one would respect me ever again.” * * * * Speaking of the Moldy Peaches, our hero Adam Green’s new album, Sixes & Sevens, is out in March — twenty songs stuffed into forty-eight action-packed minutes. “For my fifth studio album, I hired some Brooklyn gospel singers to give my music some class,” says Green. “It’s a comeback album with a message.” The single “Morning After Midnight” is already a hit in Belgium; he duets with girlfriend Loribeth Capella on “Drowning Head First”; and “You Get So Lucky” revives the pan flute. “I nearly crapped myself after that,” he says. “I knew that my life was never going to be the same.” Our favorite? “Getting Led,” which Green describes as “a sweet and tender song about fatalism and submission.” “People say I’m the Jewish Kurt Cobain,” says Green. “But I’m really the Woody Allen of music.” Discuss. * * * * When you buy your plane tickets down to New Orleans for the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival in late April, be sure to factor in the seventh annual Ponderosa Stomp. The P-Stomp is a two-night celebration in the Big Easy, wedged between the two weekends of Jazz Fest, featuring kick-ass “unsung” artists, including Roky Erickson, Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las, Ronnie Spector, ? and the Mysterians and tons more. The S.S. is most stoked to see Syl Johnson, the R&B star whose glory years came on Hi Records. “I did some bad shit on that label,” Johnson says, citing gems like his own version of “Take Me to the River,” but he was largely outshone by labelmate Al Green. Down in the Big Easy, Johnson will reunite with the legendary Hi Rhythm Section, which, in the S.S.’s estimation, is the greatest house band of all. Says Johnson, “It’s gonna be a monster.”

Britney Spears Photos

Has Britney married her beau?

Britney Spears (AP) More pics

Star magazine has claimed that the 26-year-old singer married paparazzo Ghalib during their trip to Mexico on 9th Jan.

"While in Mexico, they went through a quickie marriage ceremony,” The Daily Telegraph quoted a source, as telling the publication.

The source also revealed: "When Britney recently accused her mother of 'sleeping with my husband', it wasn't Kevin she was talking about - it was Adnan!"

The duo reportedly tied the knot just days after Britney was first taken to hospital, following a stand-off with police at her home.

However, the marriage is illegal because Ghalib is already married. When the ‘Toxic” star realised that, she initially dumped Adnan in fury. But later she gave him 273,000 dollars to accelerate his divorce so they could wed for real, according to Star.

Shah Rukh Khan bats for migrants in Mumbai


NEW DELHI: In the wake of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena's tirade against north Indians in Maharashtra, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday said every Indian has the right to be anywhere in the country and make the nation proud.

The Delhi-born film icon, who made his billions in Mumbai, however, felt that the protests in Maharashtra against the presence of the so-called 'outsiders' (from north India) were political in nature.

"...I think everybody has the right to be in India anywhere in India and make the country proud," he said on the sidelines of a media conference called to announce his new game show on television.

Mumbai has been witnessing violence for the past few days after MNS chief Raj Thackeray's outburst against the presence of north Indians in the financial capital of the country.

King Khan said, "a lot of these issues... are more political than personal and I would not take any offence personally and I think an educated Indian would not do that either."

He, however, voiced opposition to use of violence as a means of protest. "I am averse to any kind of angst, anger and violence.... that is sad, that's immensely sad."

Indians, he said, tend to overreact leading to situations like the one that has developed in Mumbai. "I guess in our hearts we Indians are like this. We just over react and get into situations which perhaps we should not."

Three soldiers killed in Pakistan bomb attack

ISLAMABAD: Three soldiers, including a Major, were killed and three more injured in a bomb attack on an army convoy in Pakistan's restive Bajaur.

The convoy of the Bajaur Scouts was targeted with a remote controlled roadside bomb at Mamund in the Bajaur tribal region bordering Afghanistan, witnesses said. Officials said a major and two non-commissioned officers were killed in the blast.

The convoy was attacked as the troops were returning from night duty in the restive Bajaur area.

The attack occurred as thousands of soldiers and paramilitary troops were being deployed in sensitive areas of Pakistan ahead of the February 18 parliamentary polls. The blast was also the latest in a series of bomb attacks on Pakistan's security forces that have killed scores of personnel.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack but such blasts are usually blamed on Taliban-linked militants.

The Election Commission on Wednesday postponed polls to a constituency in the restive south Waziristan tribal region because of the poor security situation there.

Pro-Taliban militants are active in the Bajaur, where a US missile strike killed around dozens of students of a madrassa in 2006.

Britain to review manned space probe policy

Britain is to reconsider its long-standing policy of not taking part in manned space missions, a government minister said on Thursday.

Science and Innovation Minister Ian Pearson said the government would review the policy to make sure Britain is not left behind in a new wave of international space exploration.

"We will have a review that will look at all the options of human space flight," he told BBC radio. "Our traditional view has been that human space flight hasn't been a priority for the UK."

But he said Britain would concentrate on unmanned robot-led space exploration for the immediate future.

"We have some really world-leading expertise in robotics and that has got to be the short term priority for us in the UK." The rethink comes as a number of countries are lining up to join the space race, with China planning its third manned mission this year.

On Monday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a global programme to explore Mars, bringing together European states and more established space powers like the United States and Russia. British scientists have proposed sending an unmanned mission to the moon by 2011.

The MoonLITE project is expected to win initial support on Friday from America's NASA and the UK government's space authority, the British National Space Centre. The mission would fire four penetrating darts into the moon's surface from an orbiting satellite.

Scientific data from the darts would be sent back to Earth via the satellite. MoonLITE's proposed 100 million pound cost is far smaller than the billions of pounds required for a manned moon mission. U.S. President George W. Bush has urged NASA to focus on getting people to the moon and to Mars.

But NASA's Mars Exploration Program says a manned mission to the red planet is unlikely before the early 2030s.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Promotion. It's not just for stuff.

Disobedient to popular representation, promotional activities (publicizing, open relations, etc.), are not ever some disillusioning group to buy the fashionable and superlative [alter in the grapheme]. Oftentimes, publicity objectives let dynamical attitudes and behaviors. Much is the framework with the "Use Only What you Impoverishment" race launched by Denver Liquid this bygone season. Though season is a faraway retentiveness for Circumboreal Hemisphere-dwellers similar myself, the drive is nevertheless a opportune reminder for librarians that marketing has the noesis to locomote minds.

Denver Water acquired the services of Sukle Advertising to get customers to do something a bit peculiar. Viz., use inferior of their fluid by conserving wet. An article in the Denver Concern Journal describes the campaign, which uses victuals to pass its mark,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting to the point with MarketingProfs

If you haven't explored them yet, MarketingProfs now offers a embarrassment of tidbit-sized chunks of collection in its slaveless (registration required) Get to the Po!nt newsletters. The melody newsletters are real tasteful, covering topics specified as:
Client Behavior (must-read for careful!)
E-mail Marketing
Marketing Production (jazz this!)
Little Business
These different topics are sociable, but you can buy to them today:
B2B Marketing
Marketing Improvement
New Media (ethnical networks, peregrine devices, recording, frequence, etc.)
These newsletters are large distance to get just sufficiency marketing aggregation in your country of recreation without resistless you or flooding your Inbox (most materialise to originate out every 3-4 days).

Incentive tip: Why not signal your own mini account for your colleagues? An e-mail erstwhile a week that briefly covers THE most weighty trend/news item/report/... you expect grouping essential to bang would aid maintain body up-to-date, and may regularise mouth the jar of aspiration needed to rise up with large ideas.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Greetings from Toronto!

I'm so grateful to be here in Toronto to speak tomorrow at the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference (best conference name ever, by the way!). My session is called "Unleash Your Inner Marketer." I'm hoping it sparks some imaginative ways to approach marketing, rather than just dwelling on promotional tactics. I'll let you know how it goes and reflect a bit on our discussion. If you're in the area, please drop by and say hello!