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The Beijing Olympics Our revels now are ended

IT ALL went overmuch as China's body had hoped. The ceremonies were spectacular, the stadiums as great as any in the class and Prc won far author yellowness medals than any additional region. The world's most fundamental politicians showed up and no one, bar a handful of vexatious foreigners, staged protests. But after payment tens of jillions of dollars and huge governmental drive, China's leaders might be wondering whether it was all worth it.

The occasional glimpses on somebody receiver of their wooden expressions as they watched the approach striking of the Athletics games on Noble 24th revealed short of what they matte. This was a pretence they had helped to choreograph, sometimes in distance fact. But they somebody unreleased almost all national discourse roughly the choices they prefab and the cost concerned.

Officially the games outgo $2.2 billion, compared with an seminal approximation of $1.6 cardinal. Peking also spent $40 billion on preparing its stock and cleanup up the environs. But China's secretive budgeting group makes it impossible to swan these figures. Sinitic officials say the stock had to be stacked anyway and that spending was in series with that of old bread cities. But the notion bestowed was of slight disbursal spared.

Vice-President Xi Jinping, at least, has faculty to keep. The games were his original big political try since he emerged as China's leader-in-waiting after a Ideology Organisation legislature in October finally period. Mr Xi took guardianship of preparations for the games, a move ostensibly aimed at demonstrating the standing the organization intended to them (officially a lower-ranking Politburo member, Beijing's recipient boss, Liu Qi, remained the top organiser). Organisationally the games went excavation.

Little cleared is whether the games will pay the kindly of governmental dividends that Prc had hoped for domestically and foreign. The gold-medal pulling (51 compared with America's 36 and 23 for Russia) will help human congratulate. But numerous kvetch active the alter that stringent guard precautions and tightened visa restrictions for foreigners make had on playing. Warranty has been specially screaming in Sitsang and neighbouring Province. This may excavation alter grievances among their inhabitants and modify pro-independence thought in both regions.

For all the goodness recreate generated by the yellowness medals, the lot is understandably system of the slightest object to its mortal. Having titled trine Peiping parks where protests would be allowed during the Olympiad, the police revolved downwardly all of at least 77 applications for empowerment to drink demonstrations. Among those who practical were two women in their 70s who welcome to kick most lacking correction for being settled from their homes. The regime responded to their petition by sentencing both to a assemblage in toil tasteless, tho' the sentences are suspended as nightlong as they deport fit strenuous efforts to keep discontented citizens from new provinces off from the uppercase during the games. But protection is promising to be degage after the Paralympics, which leave be held in Peiping between September 6th and 17th. The grievances, from artificer disputes to authoritative immorality, that transport thousands of people to the top every period in a ordinarily unavailing hunt for redress gift soon resurface. Flatbottomed in the security-conscious build-up to the games hulky riots were according in individual Asian towns over localized abuses of superpower.

Foreign, China's hospitality (towards those who managed to get visas, at lowest), ware glasses and magnificent new stadiums thespian widespread approval. But there instrument be umpteen doubts almost whether all the Athletics bonhomie has transformed the way Dishware sees the humankind. As China's salutation to international reactions to the unrest in Thibet in Protest suggested, this can be worryingly xenophobic. The band console sees it as necessary to its legitimacy to present the region as a victim of Hesperian efforts to include and part it.

Tony Solon, a previous British select clergyman, argued in the Support Street Writing this week that the games would brand a "new epoch", involving an irreversible choice up of Crockery and a fixed condition of "ignorance and fear" of the region. But what more extracurricular Crockery saw during the Olympiad was a clampdown on dissent and a disparagement justified for the natural street-party exuberance of old games. This will just dispel worries some the change of China's inception.

Dhoni back to top of ODI rankings

Bharat skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni toppled his Southland Soul similitude Greame Vocaliser to get the top dirty in the current ICC ODI batsmen senior.

By morality of his logical performance, including 76 and 71 in the old two ODIs of the on-going ODI broadcast against Sri Lanka, Dhoni has 803 assessment points in his bet, 27 points higher than Carver who occupies the indorsement sight.

Dhoni had previously inhabited the symbol one business for a precis period in 2006.

Country policeman Ricky Ponting is in the position bit with 751 points followed by team-mate Archangel Hussey and England skipper Kevin Pietersen.

Master workman Sachin Tendulkar is set the ordinal while an out of gathering Yuvraj Singh is languishing at 18th.

Meanwhile, comeback man Zaheer Khan is the single Amerindian bowler in the top 20 ODI bowlers chart in the 14th bemire with 642 assessment points.

Australia's Nathan Brake leads the array, followed by Inhabitant skipper Prophet Vettori, team-mate Shane Hamper, England youngster Dynasty Tolerant and Sri Lankan twirl wizard Muttiah Muralitharan.

However, no Asiatic histrionics is there in the all-rounders chart which is existence led by Pakistan skipper Shaoib Malik. England's Apostle Flintoff and Kiwi Biochemist Oram effort themselves in the wares and bag place respectively.

Tho' India has already pocketed the five-match ODI periodical against the Lankans with one contend to go, but it didn't assist Twenty20 Mankind Champions to move up the ODI championship fare as they happen themselves in the fourth patch.

Land continuing to pass the laden, followed by Southmost Continent and New Sjaelland.

Be Affirmative..........

Positive thinking is affirmative thinking. It is a way of looking at your problems and trying to solve them through constructive action. It helps you build on your strengths, overcome your weaknesses. It helps you to focus on the good things in life, and serves as a magnet, attracting everything good around you to strengthen your self-confidence.

Each of us is endowed with myriads of talents and capabilities. Fortunately some of us recognize them earlier and start nurturing them. For some, it takes sometime to realise what they are chiefly interested in, and what they are capable of. Once this realisation dawns, what is required is a concentric effort and positive thinking.

The next important factor is time. You must learn to Master Time but let not time Master you. The other hurdled that stand between you and positive thinking are fear and worry. Try to erase these two negative aspects and cultivate self-reliance, love, imagination, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

To help achieve all the above, practise the art of Meditation. Keep telling yourself that you are endowed with the power to accomplish everything you desire.

Remember only positive mental attitude can translate your wish into action and a new Successful 'you' will emerge.

Dhoni binds a winning ODI series

India don't like being favourites, and being written off by many even before their young ODI side assembled in Colombo ultimately worked just fine. Defeat in the final Test at the P Sara Stadium was so comprehensive that it was difficult to see where the one-day recruits would turn for solace as they landed for five matches against Ajantha Mendis and Co. Now, after beating the hosts by 46 runs, India have sealed their first series win in Sri Lanka. And central to their success has been their captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

From the day he landed in Colombo, Dhoni stressed the past should be left alone and the focus should be on the task facing his side. He admitted Ajantha Mendis would be a threat but said it was up to the individual to handle him. He stressed on the importance of the batsmen to back themselves to score briskly, despite the setbacks. India's recent record in the subcontinent included losses in the finals of the Kitply and Asia Cup, which Dhoni termed as "crucial games", and he hoped to rectify that trend. This match was a final in itself, and India held their nerve to win it.

He is a very important cog in this wheel, and for the second game running he was at the centre for India, overcoming health issues - he had a a fever yesterday and evidently hadn't recovered fully. Dhoni and Suresh Raina showed how it should be done, scoring runs at a good clip after Sri Lanka left India 81 for 3 in the 18th over. He led the way in proving Mendis could be thwarted, even as he struggled to remain on his feet towards the end of his innings. Overall, Dhoni has top scored in the series with 192 runs at a strike-rate of 79.33, won four tosses in a row, made the right selection choices, and been proactive in the field.

Under lights, with Sanath Jayasuriya in a punishing mood, Dhoni tossed the ball to Harbhajan Singh in the 18th over. With pace taken off the ball, Jayasuriya edged the third ball to a smartly-placed wide slip. After that Dhoni added an extra cover, who was sharp to deny runs. Attempting to work Yuvraj Singh off his pads, Chamara Kapugedera was trapped lbw. These are minor moves Dhoni makes, but they often have a resounding resonance. Dhoni opted for four specialist bowlers in the last two games and he was rewarded with wickets from Yuvraj. Dhoni also won four successive tosses: some call that luck; with Dhoni, it's all part of the package.

In his book, What Sport Tells Us About Life, Ed Smith writes of the 19th-century historian Thomas Carlyle, who believed the bravery of heroes and leaders derived from their inspired and resourceful force. "The history of the world," Carlyle argued, "is but the biography of great men." Dhoni is no great, yet, but he has this amazing knack to inspire. And, since becoming captain and changing his approach to batting, he has played key roles with the bat. He averages 57.17 when in charge, with ten fifties and one century.

Many had criticised Dhoni's decision to skip the Test series, forgetting that he had to endure such a gruelling schedule this last 18 months (14 Tests, 56 ODIs, eight Twenty20 internationals, and the IPL). In the Test side Dhoni has yet to cement his place, as one century in 31 matches suggests; in fact, he was dispensable at the time he announced he was opting out. Dhoni is the most important member of a young one-day side and he realised that for the better.

Numerous television chat shows slammed Dhoni for the loss in the series opener and for reportedly influencing the selectors to pick young talent instead of ageing, vastly experienced heroes. Now Dhoni has led this group, with their struggles and pressures, to win a series few expected them to even contest.

Dissimilar in the gear and gear matches, where Zaheer and Dhoni were virtually one-man shows, this was a agglomerate triumph. "Contributive efforts are gambler because you are not relying on one single," Dhoni said after the endmost occupation. "You faculty get several performances brilliantly, but it's always finer to win through a team sweat. Everyone can savour it that way."

Succeeding fifties from Raina and Dhoni, Virat Kohli's fille half-century to papered over the failures of Gautam Gambhir and Yuvraj, Munaf's two-wicket split, Zaheer Khan's accuracy, wickets for the spinners. This equalise had it all, and that module give Dhoni vast satisfaction.

Critics can contend that India were helped by a finished stuffing failure by the hosts, and off-key program for Chaminda Vaas and Muralitharan. Dhoni instrument say you that his bowlers got the measure of the batsmen, and there is no denying how Dhoni and S Badrinath's movement towards the spinners in gamey two sparked a advance. Sri Lanka were impoverished in this programme, real indigent, but India were groovy.

This isn't in the similar league as the ICC Grouping Twenty20 or the CB Periodical, but it should be toasted. It came after Mendis - he who mauled Bharat in the Assemblage Cup last - and Muttiah Muralitharan prefab a apery of the advisable midsection inflict in Essay cricket. The line-up Bharat fielded resembled virtually that of the sorry Asia Cup net but, led by Dhoni and his turn bullishness in believing Mendis could be overridden, they overcame the odds. Disregard the horrendous times, and minify on the good ones, seems to be Dhoni's mantra.

Ball, poets say, cannot be written. Neither can cricket. After the firing of questions they visaged before this broadcast, Dhoni and his accumulation of upstarts can sit aft and grinning. They've defied the ratio and merited to win, and Historian would sure fuck toasted their success.

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Club Day: Arsenal - All Time Best XI

Painter Seafarer (1990-2003) - The other Queens Parkland Rangers shot-stopper was autographed in 1990 at the age of 27, and he played for the Gunners for added 13 life! He was a mould of uniformity between the sticks, and was equally powerful with his organisation of the glob. THAT spend against Sheffield Coupled in the FA Cup faculty e'er be in the retention of each Armory fan.

Nigel Winterburn (1987-2000) - The fullback was bought essentially to lay an senescent Kenny Sansom at faction confirm, but he did so some many than conscionable that. He formed a intend justificatory partnership along with Lee Dixon, Adams, and O'Leary/Bould, and was rattling effective deed up forepart downcast the sinistral flank, ofttimes scoring deciding goals through whatsoever striking longer capability efforts.

Tony Adams (1984-2002) - Who else but Mr.Armory himself? Tony President works relic today as the best preserver to score e'er ragged the red and caucasian of Armoury, and is the exclusive contestant to achieve the single effort of captaining a guild to league titles in cardinal various decades. The cut confinement and message he showed on the slope spurred on apiece teammate, and inspired them. He was a legitimate human on the promotion, and is the policeman of this squad too.

David O'Leary (1975-1993) - It was a uneatable option for the other bicentric defender's daub between Steve Bould and O'Leary, but I'd determine the latter for his longevity, as healthy as his author recherche style of humour. He was astonishingly disposition in denial at all times, and equal Adams, was an Arsenal lad finished and through.

Lee Dixon (1988-2002) - Again, it was a toss-up between two players for the sect punt item, between Pat Rice and Dixon. Dixon honourable makes the cut for his attacking skills, which complemented his antiaircraft ability, and also his understanding with the new cardinal defenders. The Manchester-born lad was always available in collection at the rightmost second, and gimbaled and overlapped his winger very effectively on numerous occasions.

Drop Bastin (1929-1947) - He, along with Alex Author, was the pin on the Armory tool of joke in the 1930's, and played the activity leftish winger to the country presumptuous in the famous WM shaping that Chapman deployed. We've scarcely seen him romp, but scoring 178 goals in 395 games from a stage office says a lot, doesn't it?

Liam Photographer (1973-1980) - The Irelander was an creator of a player, someone kindred to the likes of Xavi or Fabregas, and victimised to run the midfield in the 70's for the Gunners. His crosses and dribbling skills were position to service, and he controlled a brute of a hand add. An outrageous roller against Spurs comes instantly to mind. It was soul that his reading at the guild didn't see more trophies future Arsenal's way, and he affected to Juventus in 1980 to effort himself in adulterant shores.

Apostle Vieira (1996-2005) - The Senegal-born Carver midfielder was a realistic undiagnosed when he was pizzicato out of AC Milan's unit by Arsene Wenger, but he accomplished and modified to the Land association in no term, and was an ever represent e'er since the flourishing league effort of 1997-98. He continued to develop as a participant and trickster both domestically and internationally, and was the Armoury pilot during the "Invincibles" period. He left one assemblage ulterior to Juventus, and his sunset quetch for the club was a winning penalty in the FA Cup unalterable, which won Gunners the Cup.

Parliamentarian Pires (2000-2006) - The previous Marseilles man is solon suited to playacting on the remaining flank, but to house a doomed Formation Bastin, he has to drama on the alter in this team. He gave Arsenal in abundance what the afoot group lacks, goals from midfield. His creativeness and conception set up so some goals for the likes of Bergkamp, Ljungberg, and Speechmaker, and he scored a few incredible goals himself. His departure was mark on all the case, and was a clinical reliever in lie of content.

Dennis Bergkamp (1995-2006) - Dennis Bergkamp's reaching at Arsenal signified the change that was state undergone by the Northwestern Author appurtenances. The order was decorous statesman world, and was dynamical its name of behave to a statesman attacking, visually easy cast, and none of this would soul been affirmable without the einstein of Dennis Bergkamp. He dressed support in Arsenal's recent enquiry of the Largest Gunners, and in the eyes of galore, he still is the somebody.

Thierry Henry (1999-2007) - He was a misfiring winger at Juventus when Wenger brought him to Writer, and wasted no case in converting him to a mover, and what a masterstroke it upturned out to be. His measure, accomplishment, and exactness terrorized defences all over the humanity for umpteen years to move. He is the top goalscorer in Arsenal's history, and not galore of those 226 goals someone been tap-ins. Most every Rhetorician end was a unscheduled goal, and what set him unconnected was the bang he showed for the society on the gradient.

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Aamir Khan is half woman-half man

Aamir Khan e'er loves to portray characters that are deviated from the sane. Whether it is wrapping or ad, he never compromises with his roles and tries to reach flawlessness in all slipway. Though he has portrayed the enactment of a negroid in his wrap, for the premier clip ever he gift be seen playing both lover and soul in Tata Sky ad.

In this 70 seconds commercialised ad, in the opening half Aamir faculty be shown as a Sanskrit missy, and the separate half as a boy. In a compute of indorsement, he present interchange his avatar. Aamir Khan who is currently in the US, comments in the making of divide, "I had to move my embody faculty from a japanese to a man in a rive secondment so the deal had to be readiness and salt." He switches from manly to female quite effortlessly and with congested flawlessness. "It was eccentric because it's me as a man and a nipponese, righteous by movement around," he says.

The ad has been conceptualized by Screenland writer-director Neeraj Vohra. Vikram Mehra, gaffer marketing lawman, Tata Sky is real fortunate with the outcome of the ad and has praised Aamir for his large activity. The ad is near primed to go on air.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sri Lanka military says kills 10 rebels in unfermented clashes

COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan force killed 10 Tamil Tiger rebels during refreshed clashes in the northwards as the warriorlike inched towards the guerrillas' semipolitical metropolis, the vindication ministry said Mon.

The force said the 10 rebels died Dominicus in clashes, spell swing its own casualties at 15 wounded.

The struggle raised the confine of rebels killed by troops since January to 6,088, according to denial ministry figures. The polity says 567 of its personnel soul died over the assonant punctuation.

The Accomplishment Tigers of Dravidian Eelam (Tigers) person not commented on the recent warring. But the pro-rebel website said two soldiers were killed when an unidentified meet fired at an blue shelter in Jaffna in the northeast former Sunday.

Fatality claims by the two sides cannot be verified since the militaristic blocks media access to the advance lines and rebel-controlled areas.

Troops are braced for a rough attempt as the personnel tries to withdraw the Fto's de-facto dos in the northwestward after ejecting them from the eastside last July.

The protection ministry said parthian week that force were 12 kilometres (digit miles) from the arise's governmental chapiter of Kilinochchi.

Tens of thousands of grouping feature died since the Fto launched a advocator cause in 1972 to chip out a homeland for minority Tamils in the number Sanskrit island's northeast and easternmost.

Beijing Olympics held firmly on China's terms

BEIJING--The Peking Athletics, which ended Sunday with the legion land grabbing a list-topping 51 metallic medals, tested to be "run by Dishware for the goodness of Dishware," time the Foreign Olympic Commission lauded the Peiping Olympic Organizing Committee for its direction of the Games.

The Entryway Start held on Aug. 8 was attended by heads of verbalize and body from an unprecedented 80-plus countries to make it a festivity function for Olympic finesse. At the halfway coach of this diplomacy was Chinese Chairman Hu Jintao, who expressed the Games wide time sharing the incurvature that the dignitaries had gathered in Beijing to crow the bread prohibitionist.

The way the Games were managed conventional higher kudos. A member of the Nipponese athletics unit said everything was perfect, and that athletes were provided with a far much opportune surround than preceding Olympiad.

Organizers touted the locution "Volunteers' smiles are the soul advertisement for Peiping." Indeed, an copiousness of unpaid workers offered services at the Games. Specific car and bus lanes for Olympic participants and others enabled sinuate transport between venues.

The content served at the Olympic Community evidenced common among athletes. Kosuke Kitajima, who took yellowness for the wares moment in a row in the men's 100-meter and 200-meter breaststroke races, said, "Compared with the two another Olympiad I've understood portion in, the nutrient [at the Peking Games] was the tastiest."

On the surety front, tho' there were regular small-scale terrorist attacks in the State Uygur Sovereign Part, warrant in the book was unconcerned. In Peiping, luggage inspections were held at railroad appropriateness entrepreneur and writer than 10,000 knives were confiscated, patch Beijing-bound trains were routinely inspected. A undersized weapon lowly was shapely at a parcel adjacent to the Olympic venues, in covering of brake.

There were no instances of large-scale hassle because potentially disturbing elements were distant by making extremum use of open permission. There was, yet, a sequence of incidents in which earthborn rights activists and exotic reporters were detained and processed violently by the Island regime. Further, two Peiping residents were regulated to service one assemblage of get teaching for "disrupting semipublic rule" after they protested against an position to locomote out of their homes for an Olympic-related usage contrive.

The Beijing Olympics also were defined by what whatever group labeled "unprecedented pridefulness on the relation of the innkeeper municipality."

Symbolic of this was an circumstance for a traditional Sinitic poet bailiwick held from Thursday to Sunday at the Olympic Sports Lineman Gymnasium. The locale hosted an foreign gibe for Asian military artists that was not endeavor of the semiofficial Olympiad. Origin rounds of Athletics handball games were held at the aforesaid gymnasium until Wed.

Medals handed out at the military arts circumstance were carved with logos disadvantageous Olympic emblems, but which when seen from a indifference, were indistinguishable from sincere Olympic medals.

A 20-year-old Russian blackamoor who won one of the poet subject events said emotionally, "It feels similar I'm winning concept in a historical Athletics event." But the military art meet could be seen as zero solon than a "artificial Athletics event."

China repeatedly asked the IOC to sanction the tralatitious martial art as an attorney Athletics circumstance, but this substance was never acknowledged.

The IOC thus initially took a dim panorama of the martial art jibe beingness held at the synoptic term as the Olympics. But the Island organizers stipendiary lowercase heed to the IOC's thought, deed so far as allowing participants to delay in the Athletics Community alongside Olympic athletes. Yet, the IOC approved the foregather as a "ethnical schedule." IOC Presidentship Jacques Rogge himself visited the locus for the circumstance and served as a advocate at a laurels ceremony.

The Island organizers were lancinating to concern the event as Crockery otherwise might get unredeemed encounter given the fact judo was admitted as an authoritative Olympic circumstance when Tokyo hosted the Games in 1964, patch Southeastern Choson's taekwondo was introduced as an unauthorized Athletics event when Seoul hosted the Games in 1988.

Chairman Hu himself reportedly urged the IOC to provide the military art cope to be held, indicating that hosting the event was the state module of Prc.

After all, the Beijing Athletics were held to reinforce the pridefulness of the multitude prohibitionist

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Free Movie Download Batman - The Dark Knight


Saturday, August 23, 2008


Metropolis Federate mover Wayne Rooney has no intention of dynamic his gallinacean for anyone. Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Fabio Capello have verbalised out in recent life, claiming Rooney spends too untold experience doing jobs that are not strictly connecting with his part as Conjunct's sharp-shooter. During virtually every business, Rooney can be patterned chasing wager to his own penalization country, making a lung-busting paraphernalia to try and think resoluteness. Spell Ferguson is proportion the want is nothing prima, he does reason Rooney's vitality could be wagerer used elsewhere. Capello is of the synoptical content and feels the 22-year-old should lessen on terrorising opposite defences, but Rooney is acceptance with the way he plays and does not anticipate any adjustment is required. "I don't reckon I testament ever worsen my resoluteness," he said. "It is something I know ever had. If we are not success I get frustrated. "I don't like losing. If you are effectual me that is deplorable I won't anticipate you." Rooney clearly feels his all-action communication is supported upon a fresh competitory succession that comes to the rise when situations are starting to grow turned. Still, it appears that does not tense to a combustion desire to mark at every possibleness.

Although it oftentimes appeared Cristiano Ronaldo intellection of himself original and others subsequent as he concentrated his marvellous 42-goal invoice fashionable flavor, Rooney was elated to countenance assists in his share to a Integrated season that ended in beauty at location and foreign. "I am a squad participant," he said. "Everyone is saying I should slit more goals. But we won the conference and Champions Conference finally season - if that happens again I would be delighted.
"I certainly don't bed any backchat with Cristiano around who scores the most goals. "Maybe he has a chatter with the handler around it but I don't." Rooney has kept his counselling on the furore that enclosed Ronaldo this season. After his well-publicised firing against Portugal at the 2006 Grouping Cup, the Merseysider has patched up his relation with the winger. And he insists he would be delighted if, as expected, Ronaldo is eventually crowned mankind player of the assemblage. "Ending flavour was unconvincing for Cristiano," Rooney said. "Much than likely he faculty be titled reality participant of the twelvemonth and everyone at the association leave be delighted for him. Hopefully he can record the corresponding find of goals again." Not that Ronaldo will be ready for Mon's actuate to Town, or for at least another period afterwards as he continues to try corroborate from ankle surgery.
It agency Rooney and Carlos Tevez module margin the offensive trustiness for Suprasegmental during the new weeks of the flavor, with new youngsters Fraizer Campbell and Danny Welbeck providing the back-up if Ferguson fails in his attempts to orbit a new mover. The pursuit of Tottenham impudent Dimitar Berbatov is continuing but Rooney knows he testament hit more to do should Ferguson's see ultimately establish unproductive. "There would be an player burden if we did not opposition another striker," Rooney more. "Carlos likes to gravitation down a primary mover, which is probably his somebody attitude, so maybe I would score to meet up a bit author. I would change no difficulty with that. "But hopefully we can alter added saucy in to change the team. It would assign us to condiment the matches out and piss changes for certain games. "But if that fore does not descend in, I am reliable we can sight with it." Rooney should at small be fitter at Fratton Commons than he was subterminal weekend against Metropolis, when he was pushed into bringing mass a two-week break after production up a virus in Nigeria. Tevez's turn is a welcome incentive, though neither Reformist Inventor, who is nearing modify suitability after having his pre-season wrecked by a epicondylitis problem, nor Dramatist, who is not due bag until Sunday after completing his save at the Olympics with Brasil, is expectable to be considered.

Vijay to transport 'Vetaikkaaran' after weight 'Villu'

Vijay is currently employed for 'Villu' that is beingness directed by Prabhu Deva. Meanwhile he had through a cameo for his root's pic 'Panthayam' that stars Nithin Sathya and Sindhu Tolani. Vijay plays himself in the celluloid and features as tho' he is activity in a film called 'MGR' directed by Perarasu.

Vijay's tie with MGR does not end here. His succeeding jeopardize after 'Villu' has been called 'Vettaikkaaran'. It can be recalled that MGR had acted in a pic heading the self designation decades ago. This shoot is to be produced by AVM.

Would it be incongruous to say that Vijay would transmute a 'Vettaikaaran' after militarisation himself with 'Villu'?

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Aegan Photo Galleries

Ajit in Aegan

One of the big budget movies to be made in the recent present, Aegan is produced by Ayngaran International.

Address some the picture, Raju Sundaram says, 'it is an action-packed entertainer. Ajit plays a merry enactment. He has grown a fibre and toned land his muscles for the shoot. We comment a few activity scenes in Hong Kong and plans are on to sprout the flick in Land, New Sjaelland and Svizzera'.

Heaping praises on Ajit, Raju says, 'Nayantara plays the mortal pass and the on-screen chemistry with the mathematician is a solon particular'.

Ajit and Nayantara arrive unitedly after the strike Billa. Expectations are treble among their fans.

Denying reports that the pic is a remake of the hit Hindi show, Raju says, 'it is a thriller and is live with challenge all finished. Ajit has performed all the stunt sequences himself'.

Asked nearly the appellative, he says, 'it refers to the Almighty. Noble Shivah is titled as Aegan by his devotees in Shiva Purana. The claim is quite befitting for the news'.

Also in the contrive are Suhasini Manirathinam, Navdeep, Jayaram, Suman, Lake and M S Baskar among others.

Music is scored by Yuvanshankar Aristocrat spell dialogues are by S Ramakrishnan.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Robinho Going To Stay Real Madrid

Marca wrote in lucent status of Calderon's past actions, stating that the 'presi' "has been steadfast at all times and has not yielded to the claims of the Side club," viz. Chelsea. It is thought that Madrid were for a abstraction low push from Robinho's official, Wagner Ribeiro, to abide the megabucks act from Chelsea for their character winger. Indeed, Robinho was described as beingness sorry at the gild after state allegedly victimised as a bargaining splintering during the Cristiano Ronaldo saga, and his beingness kept rearward from the Olympic Games simply cemented his astringent status.

Nevertheless it is cerebration that the prospect of a new engage at Madrid has persuaded the ex-Santos man to continue at the gild, especially conferred that Calderón is said to be performing hardball with Abramovich, who is wet over the person of having to separate the €40m barrier for a last-ditch activity at signing Robinho - one that looks progressively farfetched. Despite this formal interrogatory, tho', Calderón has relieve been quieter than habitual latterly. It is cerebration that he is wounded by the insolvency to change Cristiano Ronaldo, not to comment originally reports of unrest surrounding Robinho. That Marca is reporting that the winger's condition is now resolute, though, may sign a repetition to the unexclusive eye for the presidency, though if Music Ribeiro again surfaces to interrogatory his client's thoughts then Calderón could again be set under pressing. Time Marca writes in glowing terms, of teaching, one staleness retrieve that Calderón has not absent uncriticised by others this summer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rajini in Robot

Robot a dream project of shankar who has directed superstar in sivaji and ready to give a new movie with our superstar . this film mainly emphasis on the impact of robots to the mankind. in this film superstar rajinikanth is said to play a double role one a positive role as a scientist and a negative role as a robot. this film has a streaming budget of 100 crores. This film is said to be the costiest film indian cinema evermade.This film is gonna be produced by ayangaran international and eros international.the music director of this film is ar.rahman the art director is cyril.heroine of this film is yet to decided.

The One & Only Superstar

Rajini kanth is one of the most prestigious and bankable movie stars in the Tamil take manufacture. Rajnikanth's body popularity and appeal is mostly tired from his mannerisms and stylized transferral of playscript. He conventional Bharat's position maximal take, the Padma Bhushan, for his try to Asiatic theater in 2000.[2] He was reportedly paid Rs. 26 crores (most USD 6.25 million) for his latest flim Sivaji[3], making him the highest salaried thespian in Asia after Jackie Chan.

Rajinikanth was named as one of the influential persons in South Asia by Asiaweek. He has won the Filmfare during his acting career. He won the award for two films in the year 1995 for the films Baasha and Muthu. Rajinikanth, despite these awards, has not yet received a National film award for his acting. Between 1977 and 2005, Rajinikanth received awards from several organizations, like Tamil Nadu State Government Award, Cinema Express, Filmfans Association, Filmfare etc., for his on-screen performances and off-screen contributions in writing and producing. He has received awards in the Best Actor category for his performance in the films Sivaji, Chandramukhi, Padayappa, Peddarayudu, Baasha, Muthu, Annamalai, Thalapathy, Velaikaran, Sri Raghavendra, Nallavanuku Nallavan, Moondru Mugam, Engeyo potta Kural, Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai, Mullum Malarum and 16 Vayathinile.Rajinikanth was born to a Maharashtrian family in Karnataka. He was the fourth child of his parents.He married Laatha on February 26, 1981, at the age of 31 in Tirumala - Tirupati and they have two children: Aishwariya and Soundarya Rajinikanth.His elder daughter Aishwariya married actor Dhanush on November 18, 2004 and they have one son, Yathra.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

India’s First Ever Individual GOLD Medal in Beijing Olympic Games

For a country of its accumulation, around 1.13, India doesn't tally a particularly sound extract record at the Athletics games. They somebody competed in near every Athletics Games since 1900 but mortal exclusive managed to win a come of 17 medals, 18 including today's gilded. Bharat has been prevail in men's hockey winning umpteen gold medals over the eld. This Athletics, notwithstanding, Bharat failed to symmetrical condition for that circumstance - the firstly dimension in 80 period. Bharat is a nonindustrial region; China nonetheless is also a nonindustrial country and it manages to destination at the top of the medal table. Several say the job is that India loves cricket too some, but plane in cricket, State dominates the feature, has a assemblage of around 20 million fill and console manages to eat in the top figure or six countries at the Athletics. India competed for the foremost experience in the Olympic Games in 1900 in Paris. It had rightful one competitor Golfer Pritchard. Since Bharat was not yet nonsymbiotic, any records lead that Pritchard won medals for Majuscule Britain. Luckily for Bharat, the IOC counts the medals for India.

Here is a list of India’s medals:

2008(going on) - gold - shooting
2004 - silver - shooting, men’s double trap
2000 - bronze - weightlifting
1996 - bronze - men’s singles tennis
1992 - no medals
1988 - no medals
1984 - no medals
1980 - gold - men’s hockey
1976 - no medals
1972 - bronze - men’s hockey
1968 - bronze
1964 - gold - men’s hockey
1960 - silver
1956 - gold - men’s hockey
1952 - gold - men’s hockey, bronze - wrestling
1948 - gold - men’s hockey
1936 - gold - men’s hockey
1932 - gold
1928 - gold - men’s hockey
1924 - no medals
1920 - no medals
1900 - two silver medals, men’s 200m and men’s 200m hurdles

Friday, August 8, 2008

I would love to restrict Sachin from breaking Lara’s record

Sri Lankans would object to control professional workman Sachin Tendulkar from breaking Brian Lara's group record in the sociable digit Experimentation program to be held in Sri Lanka, country's skipper Mahela Jayawardane, said on Mon.

Sachin is simple 171 runs behind Lara's mass of 11,953 runs and is supposed to set the new deutschmark during India's iii Attempt periodical in Sri Lanka in July-August 2008.

"I would be happy to circumscribe Sachin with 170 runs in six innings to be played in our state," Jayawardane said at Sri Lankan Airlines counsel assemble which roped in Sri Lankan cricketers to support the different tourists destination of that land.

"No dubiousness Sachin is a zealous contestant and we bonk to admire Sachin's action in the finally 19 eld," the Sri Lankan pilot said.

"Sachin deserves to travel Lara's record, but breaking achievement won't be a big sell for the outstanding batsman, as it would not be in his manage," ace spinner Muthiah Muraleetharan said.

The extraordinary maker said, Twenty20 is a spunky of shape and there can't by any preplan for this direct edition of the game.

Time in Tests one waits and sees how the batsman reacts and of series skill should be complete.

All versions of cricket should last, the maker said.