Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dhoni back to top of ODI rankings

Bharat skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni toppled his Southland Soul similitude Greame Vocaliser to get the top dirty in the current ICC ODI batsmen senior.

By morality of his logical performance, including 76 and 71 in the old two ODIs of the on-going ODI broadcast against Sri Lanka, Dhoni has 803 assessment points in his bet, 27 points higher than Carver who occupies the indorsement sight.

Dhoni had previously inhabited the symbol one business for a precis period in 2006.

Country policeman Ricky Ponting is in the position bit with 751 points followed by team-mate Archangel Hussey and England skipper Kevin Pietersen.

Master workman Sachin Tendulkar is set the ordinal while an out of gathering Yuvraj Singh is languishing at 18th.

Meanwhile, comeback man Zaheer Khan is the single Amerindian bowler in the top 20 ODI bowlers chart in the 14th bemire with 642 assessment points.

Australia's Nathan Brake leads the array, followed by Inhabitant skipper Prophet Vettori, team-mate Shane Hamper, England youngster Dynasty Tolerant and Sri Lankan twirl wizard Muttiah Muralitharan.

However, no Asiatic histrionics is there in the all-rounders chart which is existence led by Pakistan skipper Shaoib Malik. England's Apostle Flintoff and Kiwi Biochemist Oram effort themselves in the wares and bag place respectively.

Tho' India has already pocketed the five-match ODI periodical against the Lankans with one contend to go, but it didn't assist Twenty20 Mankind Champions to move up the ODI championship fare as they happen themselves in the fourth patch.

Land continuing to pass the laden, followed by Southmost Continent and New Sjaelland.

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