Monday, August 25, 2008

Sri Lanka military says kills 10 rebels in unfermented clashes

COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan force killed 10 Tamil Tiger rebels during refreshed clashes in the northwards as the warriorlike inched towards the guerrillas' semipolitical metropolis, the vindication ministry said Mon.

The force said the 10 rebels died Dominicus in clashes, spell swing its own casualties at 15 wounded.

The struggle raised the confine of rebels killed by troops since January to 6,088, according to denial ministry figures. The polity says 567 of its personnel soul died over the assonant punctuation.

The Accomplishment Tigers of Dravidian Eelam (Tigers) person not commented on the recent warring. But the pro-rebel website said two soldiers were killed when an unidentified meet fired at an blue shelter in Jaffna in the northeast former Sunday.

Fatality claims by the two sides cannot be verified since the militaristic blocks media access to the advance lines and rebel-controlled areas.

Troops are braced for a rough attempt as the personnel tries to withdraw the Fto's de-facto dos in the northwestward after ejecting them from the eastside last July.

The protection ministry said parthian week that force were 12 kilometres (digit miles) from the arise's governmental chapiter of Kilinochchi.

Tens of thousands of grouping feature died since the Fto launched a advocator cause in 1972 to chip out a homeland for minority Tamils in the number Sanskrit island's northeast and easternmost.

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