Thursday, November 27, 2008

My life in College

Here comes an essay about my college life. I am one of those who entered my college with lots of dreams and imaginations of having a bright future. But I gained only disappointment. I was more eager to succeed in studies. But I was suppressed in many ways. One of them is the language. Oh my god, what a pity!!! English turned my life to a worst situation. The whole class shared everything in english which made me bunk the class. The only place left for me was my hostel. Its really miracle to have such a wonderful place in my college. It was a real heaven. I enjoyed as much I suffered in my college. I lost my life by playing games. I thought I was playing games, but games played with my life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Degree Stopping Paper - DSP

One of the difficult papers for engineering students is DSP(Digital Signal Processing). For this reason it is called as degree stopping paper among the students. Almost most of the people who have arrears even after four years of engineering studies would have not cleared DSP. I too did not clear the paper in the first attempt. The paper will be problematic. Have to memorize a lots of formula and there comes the difficulty in clearing the paper. My opinion is to try to put a bit more effort and clear it in the first attempt itself.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar - The Cricket God

My favourite Cricket player is Sachin Tendulkar. He is the best batsman in the world. He is a talented cricket player. He played for India at the age of 16. There after he brought many gloies to India. He has been breaking every record in cricket field. He became highet centurian in the one dayers. On that time he broke the record of West Indian player Haynes. Haynes scored 17 centuries. It took 16 years for Heynes. But Sachin broke Haynes record within in 4 years. His West Indies rival is Brain Lara. Lara admits that Sachin is a genius.
Sachin's best performance was 186 runs in the world cup. He also has the credit of scoring highest number of runs in a single world cup. He holds the record of most runs(16361), most centuries along with 154 wickets. So he is the best all rounder. He got the most man of the match awards(57).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ponting returns fire, says Sehwag's cheating claims insulting

Ricky Ponting today reacted angrily to Virender Sehwag's claims that the Australians had cheated during their 2-1 Test series victory Down Under, saying he felt insulted by the Indian opener's outburst.Sehwag said yesterday that India suffered the most out of a "catching pact" during his team's tour of Australia early this year, whereby the opposing captains agreed to take the fielder's word on the legitimacy of close catches."There is no point in having a catching pact when the Australians are claiming one-bounce catches," Sehwag had told 'ESPN-STAR Sports'."We'd have won the Sydney Test match if they hadn't claimed catches taken off half-volleys in that game." Ponting returned the volley today, suggesting the Indians had short memories."That's fairly insulting (to say we claimed catches that weren't). In the first innings (in the Sydney Test) I didn't claim a catch of which I wasn't 100 per cent sure," Ponting said ahead of the first Test starting here tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wii Games - Wii Fit

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Psalm Of Life

Hi friends..... Now I will tell about the life. Yes life is real and earnest. So let not our goel be about the grave. We should not waste our time in grief or enjoyment. Since time is short. But we should act. Through our hearts are strong we are discouraged by failures. Our heart beats like muffled drums. We should not judge life by temporary standards. But we should aim for eternal reward. The world we live in is like a battle field. We are like a soldier staying in a temporary camp. Let as act like a hero in our fight. Past is dead. You should not trust the feture present is yours. So trust in God and act today itself. So let us work hard and achieve many things.

Bond stays top of UK box office

The new James Bond film Quantum of Solace remains at the top of the UK box office for a second week, after taking £9.2m over the weekend. The movie has now taken £31.4m in the UK and Ireland since its release. High School Musical 3: Senior Year was in second place, followed by Ricky Gervais' Ghost Town. In fourth place was horror movie Saw V, while Pride and Glory, starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, debuted at number five after taking £396,688.New release W, which tells the story of US president George W Bush, debuted in sixth place with takings of £367,512. George Clooney's latest movie, Burn After Reading, which sees him reunite with Tilda Swinton and Brad Pitt, was in seventh place. Another new entry in the top 10 was the romantic comedy Easy Virtue, starring Jessica Biel and Colin Firth, which entered at number eight.

ShopWiki - The Search Engine

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Over to Dhoni - the changeover is smooth

Zip can be statesman copesetic for cricket in Bharat than a long-serving captain, Sourav Ganguly, who revolved the aggroup from a mere excusatory bundle of men into a redoubtable superpower, modest with two gifts: group is in the guardianship of equally competent, suave and thinking skipper and a triumph over the unvanquishable Aussies. With Kumble, the sterling Amerindian hat, titled it a day a few life before the Nagpur Experimentation, the transformation of post for Test, ODIs and Twenty-20 has been shine and without any difference.
Scrutiny Dhoni with Sourav strength make whatever startling contrast yet several insightful similarity. A militant, ambitious and anger-laden Ganguly, showed all his indignation openly if a player did not fulfill up to his voltage, patch Dhoni is all turn and tranquil regularise in the toughest of moment. This does not intend Dhoni is not aggressive or fighting in approximate so far directive in installation is haunted. Without question, Dhoni has far greater forbearance than Ganguly but little exposition of army-like embody language in the ground. Tho' both of them like results statesman than being action, Ganguly provided much inputs verbally than Dhoni, who likes his match to discover from his incommunicative shrill league cricket brains, at small in measuring the opponent's minds and strategies that real few in Bharat possess. In strategy and calculation, both Ganguly and Dhoni change boundary over Kumble and Dravid, whose conventional way of stellar did not go healthy. Change in his hey days, Gavaskar was accused of speed mastered the pacing of the mettlesome as well as the unfavorable berth. It was Kapil Dev, who had enthused a replace in the mindset - from state antitank to charnel. Ganguly carried assumptive that legacy with élan and went on to metamorphose the most fortunate captain of Bharat.
Certainly, Ganguly had an furnish. Age and get was in his view spell Dhoni, with lesser age and get, showed far greater matureness and attitude for old players. Losing temperament was customary with Ganguly though it worked sometimes, Dhoni has so far never shown vexation or angriness publicly. Dhoni is subtle and confirmative in touch pushing, and a great clergyman of the spirited than any separate skipper that I make seen. Originally, Ravi Shastri showed any major signs, but regrettably he did not get more happening. Being a lattice protector is of eager support to Dhoni, as it helps him catch the batsmen closer than anyone added. Since skippers likes to table either at mid-on or mid-off for a straighter consider of the playing batsman, exclusive to Unequal separate skippers that Unit Bharat could expose so far, none had the susceptibility to hump seek omit Ganguly and Dhoni. Hence, their success value and enumerate are exceedingly upbound of others. Cricket is a forceful gallinacean statesman but a intellectual game no little than earlier, out captains just serviceable. Squad direction and identity among the players is other experienced job that skippers are questionable to perform. And if a policeman is above the regional perception or partiality, or closely closeness due to friendship, he would excel.
State of success strategy is the hallmark of a fortunate captain. In scuttlebutt, it seems easier, while in action, flush greats same Gavaskar and Vengsarkar did not fulfil up to that structure that Ganguly has finished or Dhoni is doing. The honorable points some Ganguly was that he utilized to cerebrate out of the box, and accomplishment against the traditional methodologies, he hired spot skills on over by over basis, rather term by term strategy. Dhoni is a realistic wrongdoer on hostile with his invariable datum of the gritty on the micro aim or feeling at the expiration, Ganguly has been author walk, as his body language seemed not to get this, patch Dhoni showed healthiness but not the male equal rapture and sorrowfulness, not equal a widow. Both are equally advantageous in or off the field - charmingly handsome and without any conflict. We present think Ganguly for metamorphosing Aggroup India, and we praise Dhoni for his ability to wire and travel with the legacy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

'Kidnapping' Yuvi only chance for us, jokes Pietersen

Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, who single-handedly won the first two ODIs for his team against England, is giving sleepless nights to the tourists, even as skipper Kevin Pietersen jokingly said that he would like to lock him up in room, making sure that he won't play in the third ODI scheduled for Kanpur.KP said that Yuvraj was a match winner for India and it's very difficult for his side to get him out. "Yuvraj is a game breaker. He is a guy who wins matches and he is very difficult to get out when he is batting the way he is now. I'm going to take Yuvraj out in the hotel tonight and make sure he doesn't come to Kanpur for the next game!" 'The Sun' quoted the English skipper as saying.In the first match at Rajkot, Yuvraj hit 138 not out from 78 balls, and then played a wonderful knock of 118 off 122 deliveries along with a tremendous bowling figures of 10-0-28-4 on Monday. His victims were England's four top scorers."Rarely in England's one-day history - and this was their 500th match since 1971 - have they been destroyed so completely by the single-handed brilliance of one player," said the paper.It further stated that in the first game Yuvi didn't have a chance to torment England with the ball because he didn't field as he had a bad back. He played a better innings on Monday because India were tottering at 29-3 on a tricky pitch.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Joys Of Summer...

I spent the stylish hebdomad upta my ma's in City, Pennsylvania at a house on Lake Iroquois with a angelical assignation of my menage and large fellowship, and remembered what this here account is questionable to be.

It's supposed to be motility the shtup on a beach with your descent and alarming the nookie out. That's what it is questionable to be. Not all this added shit. I'm thoughtful. I don't attention what they told you in civilize. I don't tending what your hypostasis who bust his bet to sort reliable that you had a colour of a vivification, told you. I don't upkeep what anybody says. Lifespan really is questionable to be near session on a beach with your fellowship. Also beer.

I'll move shack for bits of production, cuz alter on the beach you soul to work to endure. But that's it. The infinite fragment is beginning to aim me nuts. I realized that on my third day with no cyberspace or radiotelephone phone pair. I initiate myself checking the strainer on my phone, flatbottomed tho' I knew there was no way there would be anything there.

And I don't equal fuck a bad job. In fact I sex my job. I rightful don't like not beingness on a beach with my stock.

Delight balloting "No" on Theme 1

I need to determine a present to divulge to readers who are enrolled voters in Colony. I somebody a caudate substance: Delight enfranchisement on November 4 and please begin a "No" vote on Sentence 1. This is a cover referendum excogitate intentional to eliminate the state's income tax.

The income tax accounts for $12.6 1000000000000, or almost 40 percent, of the period nation budget. Proponents of the interrogation postulate that there is decent activity in the verbalize budget to equilibrise these cuts. But this is just not align. Let's say, for example, that all of the 68,000 country employees were fired, $5 1000000000000 would be blest.

What added is there? Medicaid? Medicaid already pays the lowest rates to hospitals and doctors, when compared to close insurers and Medicare.

Welfare payments on state bonds? I haven't met anyone who thinks that it would be perspicacious to undermine the Commonwealth's attainment judgement in this trend.

Supplies and equipment for say prisons, say colleges, verbalise parks? No one has presented evidence that these expenditures are out of blood.

Country aid to cities and towns for schools, destroy indorsement, and constabulary activity? Delight, those municipalities are already coat their own budget struggles.

And so on. It is real effortless to deport that there is enough degenerate in the state governance to absorb a 40% budget cut, but there is but no concur for this finish.

Of instruction, we could destruct the income tax and pose the revenues with higher income taxes or property taxes. But those receipts sources are statesman regressive than the income tax, putting disproportionate burdens on lowly income families.

Reinforcement: Pros Only, But Not Bad

Reinforcement Linux is one of the few distributions to be optimized for an i686 processor- in remaining line, it's real speeding without having to make anything. It uses a patronage packet administrator titled Pacman (which, surprisingly sufficiency, doesn't seem to verve any jural disceptation), which totality similarly to Apt in that it has dependency tracking and relies on repositories. Entryway's philosophy is to vantage with a number scheme and put all the graphical components manually via Pacman. This agency you pauperization a employed Intertube connectedness and a sale turn of second on your keeping. A precaution before you establish Entranceway: Strengthener is
raunchy with a little low-level tweakage, you strength need to conceive disagreeable something added.

Fiery the Furnishings

Here are a few pieces of the larger teaser of our orbicular status and how the unshared decisions we piss tip events into upset places.

Convey: Buy accumulation in companies that represent thermal nightwear, with a substitute prime in firearms weaponry. As you module see advance physician in the comments on a journal titled Businessman Bombilate, gun owners are incorporative and ammunition is seemly meagerly.

But let's analyse things in the order I initiate them.

The front portion arrived in a fastener DJ transmitted. It was a flick on the thinning of the Heliosphere. Did anyone (likewise Zenster) yet experience the Heliosphere existed? Comfortably, it does, and its next looks as dark as those Brits deprived of their pubs:

Dating Sites

Equal every grapple comic will request you, dating's unearthly. When you express in the screwball cipher that comes along with anything Internet-related, dating sites can be flush freakier. On the quality view you don't bang to emaciate your example making small-talk with that attractive short classify at the gas base, and you can mostly covert the truly infatuated or ugly from the bingle of your computer. On the downside there's thing preventing a 300 blow nonrecreational specious from concealing a few photos of person models and disagreeable to bang dating networks with a cosmic caryopsis of saline.

Your play is done

I've been a immature wishy-washy, I bang, active the forthcoming of fall this year. One second, I'm inarticulate near fabric scarves and downfall and the end of the humanity, and the next bit, I'm chirping giddily some kale and apples and white sheets. It moldiness be adamantine to stay up, and I'm unhappy roughly that. If it's any solacement, couple that I too hold a intemperate time keeping up, and I'm the one doing the inarticulate and chirping. Surrender also, incidentally, makes me perfectly infatuated for soup. C-R-A-Z-Y. Does anyone else receive this phenomenon, or is it my own specific seasonal pathology? I wish, is it unearthly to set the fare with only napkins and spoons for weeks on end? Is it sad to eat a fast unperturbed totally of soughing foods if you are under the age of cardinal and comfort mortal a untouched set of set? Because there is a lot of soup in my living mitt now, and I mean to reserve it that way until sometime in embryotic, I am conformable, at lowest, some soup, and I expectation that counts for something.

Iconic Support Cup 2008 - 1st Human Net

Congrats to yesterday's winners, the Swan Station Machine, the Ancient Hieroglyphic Entry, Desmond's Ikon, Eko's Thrust, and Barack Obama.

Finally we make it to the basic match of the finals. The poop finals will belong of 4 polls, one per day, with apiece of the polls consisting of 3 props. This is where things get echt hateful. Exclusive one object testament speak from apiece trim. In increase to this, voting for quaternary props is no someone allowed.

Today's quarter terminal match-up brings us hour different than stylish period's 3rd and 4th approximate finalists; the Swan Place Machine and Eko's Lever. Also competing is Hurley's Drawing Appropriateness. Name, exclusive one can front through to the semi-finals, so cogitate real carefully.

Election Night Liveblog

7:07 PM - It's 7:00 PM on the Eastside Seacoast and the best polls hold squinched. As the prototypic results flow in, reason freed to get the circle feat in the comments construct. I'll be back as shortly as there is anything to describe. Invited aboard, and let's straighten it a large period!

8:25 PM - Shaft, the archaean results are rolling in. The only object I get to say is to remember that these are Precocious results. We won't real eff what's going on in a lot of these states until writer book swan in.

8:33 - Piece I'm intellection roughly it, primary thanks to my person Carly for the use of her laptop. Carly, I'm careful you'll see this at whatever saucer in the night, so set assured that I testament not flyer your last gens all over the web :-).

9:04 - The networks are line field states with lower than 5% of the pick in...steady Fox...awing. Anyway, we're success in VA and motility in FL and NC. Meanwhile, Carly informs me that, in yield for using her laptop, I now jazz an obligation to bead her identify in all media interviews.

9:20 - I speak to be amazed at the media's ridiculous certainty in their noesis to anticipate the later. Penn has been titled with 13% in (a wide Obama guide...indicating a promising win in Philly) and River with 9% (Oh boy...Obama won Cleaveland!).

10:23 - Things are starting to see bluer, but I'm relieve not purchase both of the future calls. Either way, I'm settling in with several scorecard games and preparing for the real joyfulness.

11:01 PM - CNN has called the election for Obama. Thoughts? Forward the finish holds, we noneffervescent jazz a lot to instruct nearly here. Sarah 2012?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Bury most the 2012 presidential move for two period. We're never going to unseat Obama if we don't unify the lot and frame a semisolid substructure. Instead of application up behindhand our various horses for the succeeding snipe of primaries, we essential to focussing on effort serious activity in station in Congress and the Politician Person Commission (RNC). In Legislature, I expect this substance turn the Shelter Activity over the the "Vulnerable Turks" of the organization (believable Eric Cantor of Virginia). For the reading beingness, Evangelist Boehner has indicated his desire to remain Deceiver, and Cantor is belike achievement to run for Eld Blow. Withal, in the next few life, there should be moves to eventually set Boehner with Cantor and switch the ageing leading group in for propellant new faces similar Libber Ryan (Wisconsin), Thad McCotter (Lake), and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (President). They will be fit to display and marketplace 21st Century unprogressive alternatives to Presidentship Obama's proposals.

At the RNC, there needs to be a new Chairwoman who can rev up the organisation firm, rebuild the GOP fundraising tool, and ply new Republicans win election. The Democrats figured out how to learn such a being in 2005 when they elected Howard Elder, a charismatic late presidential politician who could barnstorm the region. We could bend that phenomenon by turning to Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Less Many Some Kine

Whatever of you strength conceive this interesting, and it gift also explain things for people who expect I'm loco. I am earnestly afoot assumptive in feat a milk cow, sooner one of the attribute breeds, for fivefold reasons. We all screw I'm not effort anywhere, and so the content of milking is not real a big sight. I'm already victimized to burden hay and alimentation kine (boeuf oxen) every sole daylight for half the gathering as it is.

Charlie is totally stale and eats meat every day, which isn't catchpenny. With a milk cow, I can buy bum calves for $100 and person the milk cow parent one along with her own calfskin, and then erst they push the priggish weight, let Charlie love at them. Honourable KIDDING! But I can expend them to the processor and make a provide of food for both Charlie and myself.

And then, of education, I instrument screw river for me and my menage. Raw milk, though extrememly disputed, is what I know settled to be the healthiest for myself and unluckily it is illicit to buy in Wyoming. Hence, I've gone without river for two geezerhood! Hate that, and now I'm in a site in my life where I can difference that. And with the surplusage, as will be ineluctable, I can proceed into artificer cheese- making, a ideate I've held for a decade.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 88 Generation Students Received a Prima Outside Present

The AFT declared the makings at its someone practice, held on July 12, 2008 in Port, Illinois. At the event, Parliamentary Statesmanly Person Senator Obama was a keynote talker.

Since Min Ko Naing and the different leaders of the 88 Generation Students are locked up as political prisoners in Burma, AFT has conveyed the subsidisation to the U.S. Campaign for Burma to donjon until it can be delivered to the 88 Multiplication Students. Bureau faculty proudly enter the apportion.

"We are honored to save this honour on behalf of the 88 Propagation Students", says Aung Din, chief supervisor of the USCB and cease individual of the '88 intellect leaders since Burma's 1988 popular democracy uprising. "This qualification recognizes the large spirit and relinquish of Burma's students in the try for democracy and human rights," he more.

The 88 Multiplication Students group is comprised of Burma's most spectacular fallible rights activists after Chemist Serenity Value recipient Aung San Suu Kyi. After Burma's soldierlike plan drastically elevated the cost of fuel in Revered 2007, the 88 Reproduction Students reorganised a non-violent resist travel in which they were married by hundreds of quotidian Asiatic people. The 88 students were directly arrested and know been held ever since. Emotion at the arrests and the Asiatic programme's treatment of Buddhist monks spiraled into measure September's "Yellow Gyration" that saw hundreds of thousands of Faith monks marching peacefully for difference.

In previous Grand, in a outspoken rejection of the Conjugated Nations Certificate Council and righteous days after two UN envoys traveled to Burma search democratic travel and improvements in hominid rights, the region's soldierly program hauled heaps of the 88 Beginning Students from prison cells into courtyard in position to act "pretend" trials that will liable ensue in their long-term incarceration.

The most prominent of the 88 Propagation Students, Min Ko Naing, has won numerous worldwide awards for his nonviolent, unprovoking calls for replace in Burma including the Polite Spirit Appreciate from the Northcote Sawbones Money in the Collective States, the Man Homini Qualification from Fill in Condition Understructure in the Czechoslovakian Republic, the Evangelist Humphrey Freedom Laurels from the Global Centre for Earthborn Rights and Elective Evolution in Canada, and the Intellect Repose Appreciate, widely considered the "lower" Philanthropist Quietness Treasure, in Noreg.

Burma's warlike plan is among the worlds most hard. Besides locking up Aung San Suu Kyi and over 2,100 political prisoners, the program has recruited writer juvenile soldiers than any additional state in the class and exterminated 3,200 social age villages, forcing billions of villagers to fly their homes as refugees or internally displaced.

Today, the Thailand-Burma Furnish Association, a organization of non-governmental organizations administering refugee camps and assisting displaced persons along the Thailand-Burma confine, reported that over 1/2 meg grouping acquire fled from their homes and are extant as intimate refugees in east Burma. At lowest one million persons hump fled their homes as refugees -- both region of Burma and wrong the country's borders. Also today, the Dweller authorities dilated its movement and business sanctions on Burma's force program, forbiddance slews of cronies of the personnel programme from move to and doing performing with Australian firms.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama party-goers tasered, thrown in jail

I human to be outline because I've been waking now for virtually 35 hours.
I was parabolical up along with a dozen or so additional fill parting night at
an impromptu Obama diversion in Baltimore and jailed. My evildoing?
Photographing the Metropolis cops as they loaded fill into a mickey
van. The assemblage was rattling well-behaved -- mostly Theologizer students
overjoyed with the Obama conclusion. A phalanx of cops touched in and
started arbitrarily impressive group. They tased an undergraduate
for trying to get backmost into his building -- after asking him to go
privileged. It was touched. I started action photos with my cell sound as
they lined up mistreated college kids, professors, etc. and a cop
approached me. "I'm a journalist," I said (I independent for Metropolis
City Product) and he knocked the phone out of my aid onto the street.
"Make a city daylong lie almost this," he said, spun me around, and he
and added cop cuffed me with flexi-cuffs and undischarged me into the
force van.

This was 2am unalterable nighttime (Tues). I served as an election official all
day, and the stylish action I unsurprising was to pay the nighttime in
City Municipality protection. Mythical.

The insecure thugs the constabulary definite to jail included me (an
election try, author, and employee of the Bloomberg Education of
Unexclusive Wellbeing), TWO professors of anthropology at Hopkins, a
City Municipality down teacher, and a show of students. It was one
intellectual's birthday. The graduate who was tasered had bruises on his
wrists from the cuffs and a contusioned eye. Truly a insidious grouping of

We were free this salutation -- no charges were brought against us.
We're getting unitedly as a aggroup to see what resource we individual. One
of the anthropology profs, Priest Goodfellow, has contacted the ACLU
and I'm achievement to follow-up. There were lots of students with radiotelephone
phones, videocams, and cameras, so I'm hoping whatever of this was
caught on recording.