Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Night Liveblog

7:07 PM - It's 7:00 PM on the Eastside Seacoast and the best polls hold squinched. As the prototypic results flow in, reason freed to get the circle feat in the comments construct. I'll be back as shortly as there is anything to describe. Invited aboard, and let's straighten it a large period!

8:25 PM - Shaft, the archaean results are rolling in. The only object I get to say is to remember that these are Precocious results. We won't real eff what's going on in a lot of these states until writer book swan in.

8:33 - Piece I'm intellection roughly it, primary thanks to my person Carly for the use of her laptop. Carly, I'm careful you'll see this at whatever saucer in the night, so set assured that I testament not flyer your last gens all over the web :-).

9:04 - The networks are line field states with lower than 5% of the pick in...steady Fox...awing. Anyway, we're success in VA and motility in FL and NC. Meanwhile, Carly informs me that, in yield for using her laptop, I now jazz an obligation to bead her identify in all media interviews.

9:20 - I speak to be amazed at the media's ridiculous certainty in their noesis to anticipate the later. Penn has been titled with 13% in (a wide Obama guide...indicating a promising win in Philly) and River with 9% (Oh boy...Obama won Cleaveland!).

10:23 - Things are starting to see bluer, but I'm relieve not purchase both of the future calls. Either way, I'm settling in with several scorecard games and preparing for the real joyfulness.

11:01 PM - CNN has called the election for Obama. Thoughts? Forward the finish holds, we noneffervescent jazz a lot to instruct nearly here. Sarah 2012?

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