Thursday, November 27, 2008

My life in College

Here comes an essay about my college life. I am one of those who entered my college with lots of dreams and imaginations of having a bright future. But I gained only disappointment. I was more eager to succeed in studies. But I was suppressed in many ways. One of them is the language. Oh my god, what a pity!!! English turned my life to a worst situation. The whole class shared everything in english which made me bunk the class. The only place left for me was my hostel. Its really miracle to have such a wonderful place in my college. It was a real heaven. I enjoyed as much I suffered in my college. I lost my life by playing games. I thought I was playing games, but games played with my life.

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AnyThingIsPossible said...

maani ..don't worry..U have one partner in that situation..That is me..The above picture is also suitable for Me..