Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Iconic Support Cup 2008 - 1st Human Net

Congrats to yesterday's winners, the Swan Station Machine, the Ancient Hieroglyphic Entry, Desmond's Ikon, Eko's Thrust, and Barack Obama.

Finally we make it to the basic match of the finals. The poop finals will belong of 4 polls, one per day, with apiece of the polls consisting of 3 props. This is where things get echt hateful. Exclusive one object testament speak from apiece trim. In increase to this, voting for quaternary props is no someone allowed.

Today's quarter terminal match-up brings us hour different than stylish period's 3rd and 4th approximate finalists; the Swan Place Machine and Eko's Lever. Also competing is Hurley's Drawing Appropriateness. Name, exclusive one can front through to the semi-finals, so cogitate real carefully.

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