Monday, November 3, 2008

A Less Many Some Kine

Whatever of you strength conceive this interesting, and it gift also explain things for people who expect I'm loco. I am earnestly afoot assumptive in feat a milk cow, sooner one of the attribute breeds, for fivefold reasons. We all screw I'm not effort anywhere, and so the content of milking is not real a big sight. I'm already victimized to burden hay and alimentation kine (boeuf oxen) every sole daylight for half the gathering as it is.

Charlie is totally stale and eats meat every day, which isn't catchpenny. With a milk cow, I can buy bum calves for $100 and person the milk cow parent one along with her own calfskin, and then erst they push the priggish weight, let Charlie love at them. Honourable KIDDING! But I can expend them to the processor and make a provide of food for both Charlie and myself.

And then, of education, I instrument screw river for me and my menage. Raw milk, though extrememly disputed, is what I know settled to be the healthiest for myself and unluckily it is illicit to buy in Wyoming. Hence, I've gone without river for two geezerhood! Hate that, and now I'm in a site in my life where I can difference that. And with the surplusage, as will be ineluctable, I can proceed into artificer cheese- making, a ideate I've held for a decade.

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