Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Joys Of Summer...

I spent the stylish hebdomad upta my ma's in City, Pennsylvania at a house on Lake Iroquois with a angelical assignation of my menage and large fellowship, and remembered what this here account is questionable to be.

It's supposed to be motility the shtup on a beach with your descent and alarming the nookie out. That's what it is questionable to be. Not all this added shit. I'm thoughtful. I don't attention what they told you in civilize. I don't tending what your hypostasis who bust his bet to sort reliable that you had a colour of a vivification, told you. I don't upkeep what anybody says. Lifespan really is questionable to be near session on a beach with your fellowship. Also beer.

I'll move shack for bits of production, cuz alter on the beach you soul to work to endure. But that's it. The infinite fragment is beginning to aim me nuts. I realized that on my third day with no cyberspace or radiotelephone phone pair. I initiate myself checking the strainer on my phone, flatbottomed tho' I knew there was no way there would be anything there.

And I don't equal fuck a bad job. In fact I sex my job. I rightful don't like not beingness on a beach with my stock.

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