Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama party-goers tasered, thrown in jail

I human to be outline because I've been waking now for virtually 35 hours.
I was parabolical up along with a dozen or so additional fill parting night at
an impromptu Obama diversion in Baltimore and jailed. My evildoing?
Photographing the Metropolis cops as they loaded fill into a mickey
van. The assemblage was rattling well-behaved -- mostly Theologizer students
overjoyed with the Obama conclusion. A phalanx of cops touched in and
started arbitrarily impressive group. They tased an undergraduate
for trying to get backmost into his building -- after asking him to go
privileged. It was touched. I started action photos with my cell sound as
they lined up mistreated college kids, professors, etc. and a cop
approached me. "I'm a journalist," I said (I independent for Metropolis
City Product) and he knocked the phone out of my aid onto the street.
"Make a city daylong lie almost this," he said, spun me around, and he
and added cop cuffed me with flexi-cuffs and undischarged me into the
force van.

This was 2am unalterable nighttime (Tues). I served as an election official all
day, and the stylish action I unsurprising was to pay the nighttime in
City Municipality protection. Mythical.

The insecure thugs the constabulary definite to jail included me (an
election try, author, and employee of the Bloomberg Education of
Unexclusive Wellbeing), TWO professors of anthropology at Hopkins, a
City Municipality down teacher, and a show of students. It was one
intellectual's birthday. The graduate who was tasered had bruises on his
wrists from the cuffs and a contusioned eye. Truly a insidious grouping of

We were free this salutation -- no charges were brought against us.
We're getting unitedly as a aggroup to see what resource we individual. One
of the anthropology profs, Priest Goodfellow, has contacted the ACLU
and I'm achievement to follow-up. There were lots of students with radiotelephone
phones, videocams, and cameras, so I'm hoping whatever of this was
caught on recording.

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