Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our project proposes a general framework of an aglet based approach for constraint checking and Query processing across multiple databases. Our architecture is completely distributed, where in we have a sub constraint checker running on each database. We have presented the design of the constraint checker module and the data updater module. The constraint checker module has the ability to check if a given update statement violates any global constraints and the data updater module updates the global database. Our main contribution is the design of a faster and speedy constraint checking mechanism. The reason is sub constraint checks on remote databases are executed in parallel by mobile agents.
The ideas from our project open new avenues for constraint checking on mobile multidatabases. Mobility of databases introduces new challenges for constraint checking, as the mobile agent [1] executing a constraint at remote database may not return results because of disconnection or network failure. Since mobile agent [1] framework is inherently asynchronous, our approach can be extended and applied to mobile multidatabases.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Java aglet extends the model of network-mobile code made famous by Java applets. Like an applet, the class files for an aglet can migrate across a network. But unlike applets, when an aglet migrates it also carries its state. An applet is code that can move across a network from a server to a client. An aglet is a running Java program (code and state) that can move from one host to another on a network. In addition, because an aglet carries its state wherever it goes, it can travel sequentially to many destinations on a network, including eventually returning back to its original host.
A Java aglet is similar to an applet in that it runs as a thread (or multiple threads) inside the context of a host Java application. To run applets, a Web browser fires off a Java application to host any applets it may encounter as the user browses from page to page. That application installs a security manager to enforce restrictions on the activities of any untrusted applets. To download an applet's class files, the application creates class loaders that know how to request class files from an HTTP server.
Likewise, an aglet requires a host Java application, an "aglet host" to be running on a computer before it can visit that computer. When aglets travel across a network, they migrate from one aglet host to another. Each aglet host installs a security manager to enforce restrictions on the activities of untrusted aglets. Hosts upload aglets through class loaders that know how to retrieve the class files and state of an aglet from a remote aglet host.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delhi-6 Movie Review

Now comes a biggie, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra after the revolutionary Rang De Basanti comes up with his new film Delhi- 6. Rahman did his bit by giving some exceptional tunes and quadrupling the hype. Will this America to Chandni chowk work at the box-office or atleast find place in the hearts of millions as Rakesh's last movie?
This movie can be compared to Ashutosh Gowarikar's Swades in more ways than one as Ashutosh took that movie after the stupendous success of Lagaan and though Swades was a good movie it didn’t come close to his last movie and after the show we have exactly the same reaction on Delhi – 6. The story is about an NRI who comes to his homeland to leave his dying grandmother and falls in love with the people around him. But his life is not going to be easy as the antics of a Monkey man turns the colorful people in the community grey. Will the hero be able to save the day? Or will he return back to US and stay off these troubled streets? Watch it yourself.
With such a wafer thin story line one has to work heavily on the presentation and Rakesh does that but not fully. Diverse people form the community - the middle class heroine who wants to become an Indian idol, flirty photographer, a rich-man who has a weakness for women, a strict no joke father, two naughty and adventurous kids, a joyous and fun-filled jelabi vendor, a sadhu whose antenna can connect to gods’ signals, a helpful loser who is taken for granted by everyone, a grandma who is ready to walk to get the blessings of the Holy cow when she has low blood pressure and just fainted, a rich person who lives his whole life cherishing the love that he lost, an untouchable but righteous woman, a Fakhir who always goes by with a mirror asking people to see the inner-side and many more forms the community. And then there is this Monkey man- who just jumps from one house to another hardly hurting anyone but becomes a dangerous monster thanks to the media hype and the people who use him to get out of their wrong doings. But the director takes more than half the film to draw the character sketch of all and makes you a little fidgety. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra has many grudges against the society, and Rang De Basanti is a proof of the angry man inside him. For his next movie I presume he would have noted down all his grudges in a notebook and tried to choose one but as he was as confused as the heroine of the movie and decided to incorporate all the social issues he can think of and made a single story. Be it untouchability or silly superstitions or the media's thirst for controversies or communal disharmony or woman trade in the society or improper bringing up of children, he has dealt with everything in this 2 ½ hour movie. It does entertain and many scenes deserve applause like the scene involving Ramayan drama. It is a delight to see how Rakesh has incorporated Ramayan in the story and almost all the scenes of Divya Dutta who plays the role of the chirpy cleaner is neatly done.
Technically the movie boasts of a premier work behind the camera by Binod Pradhan, his work, especially the kaala bandar first person deserves more than just some statue. The dialogues are crisp and works fine with the mood of the movie. The art direction needs a pat on the back as we hardly can believe that the whole Chandni Chowk shots are shot on sets. Music is the high-point of the movie with Rahman not just scoring big with the songs but sweeps one off their feet with an international quality background score. The lyrics by Prasoon Joshi are equally brilliant. Editing by P.S.Bharathy is first-rate and the 'Dil Kare Daftan' work is something which has to be seen to be believed. A dream sequence which is a mix of the past and future of the protagonist has many hidden and inner meanings and is shot brilliantly. Acting is of high order with Abhishek bachchan coming up with a cool performance, Rishi Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Waheeda Rahman and Atul Kulkarni are as natural as you and me will ever be and that is the highlight of the movie. All the other supporting casts do their work with dignified brilliance and the two kids are a riot. But on the downside again would be the heroine Sonam Kapoor, who has the power of extracting laughter in an emotional scene which is bad news for this beautiful two film old actress. There is also a surprise special appearance by Amitabh Bachchan which is good. On the whole the movie is an account of Rakesh's grudges against the society, though the intentions are noble the final product does leave you a lot to be desired. Even though the movie will satisfy the audience in more ways than one this social satire looks like a half baked collage of many vital social issues.

My Academic Project

My Academic Project is An Aglet approach for global database constraint checking. Aglets can be used effectively in distributed informational retrieval. Global querying a multidatabase system, when multiple database systems interoperate, there is a very large likelihood of global constraints to be violated. So we propose a system that first checks for the violation of various constraints in a multiple database system and if all the constraints are satisfied, the global query is executed and the multiple databases are updated from a remote host.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ultimate Paintball

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

India won't succumb to pressure in T20 World Cup: Yuvraj

Expectation would be sky high but players would not allow the pressure to bog them down when India travels to England to defend the Twenty20 World title, star batsman Yuvraj Singh said.The architect of India's triumph in the inaugural edition of 2007 ICC Twenty20 World, Yuvraj said the pressure of coming in as defending champions would not weigh on his mind or that of his teammates."There is always pressure on defending champions. But our side does not get weighed down by expectations. We just enjoy playing as a team and, generally speaking, our form in Twenty20 cricket has been good," Yuvraj said.India will face Bangladesh and Ireland in the group stages and Yuvraj is happy with the teams for the event scheduled in June."It does seem like a good group. I wouldn't say it's an easy group because Twenty20 is a very unpredictable form of the game. On their day, any side can perform. I've always enjoyed playing in England the weather is great and the crowds are good."Also playing away from home, there is less pressure from the media. I'm really looking forward to the event. It should be a good one," the left-hander was quoted as saying by an ICC newsletter.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Protesters rally against World Economic Forum

undreds of people rallied in Geneva and Davos on Saturday to protest against the World Economic Forum, saying the elite gathered for it annual meeting are not qualified to fix the world's problems.Carrying banners reading 'You are the Crisis' and throwing snowballs, several hundred protesters marched to fences surrounding the heavily guarded Hotel Seehof in the Davos ski resort, where many world leaders and business people stay during the forum.Protester Alex Heideger, a member of the Davos Green Party, said these were the people to blame for the economic mess."It's the same people who came last year and said the world economic situation is fine, and now we're in a financial crisis. Now it's the taxpayer who has to solve the whole problem."It's people like you and me who have to pay for it with their tax money," he said.In Geneva, where the WEF has its headquarters, police in riot gear fired tear gas and water canon to disperse a crowd that had gathered in a square near the train station, sending people running in all directions. Witnesses said there did not appear to be any violence by the protesters.The rally in the city's normally staid streets was not formally permitted by local authorities.Geneva police spokesman Jean-Philippe Brandt said that about 60 people were detained temporarily for checks but there have been no arrests. About 30 have been released and the rest are due to be released soon, he said."There are small groups of people who are clashing with police but there have not been any injuries on one side or the other," Brandt said, saying there were also no reports of damage to buildings or businesses so far.Florence Proton of ATTAC Suisse, one of the Geneva organisers, said it was important for outside voices to be heard in debates about how to resolve the crisis.
"The people meeting in Davos are the ones responsible for this economic crises that is becoming, and is now, global," she told Reuters, speaking in French.

Ponting seeks to lift spirits of Oz team in series against Kiwis

Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting and other senior players will seek to boost the confidence of the younger players following Australia's 4-1 one-day series loss to South Africa.Ponting said it is important that the team starts afresh for their five-game series against New Zealand, which begins in Perth on Sunday."I think it's a mindset thing at the moment. Confidence in the group is down a little bit on our last couple of performances. With the younger guys in and around the group and coming in for their first series and losing it the way we have, it's important for me as a senior player, and some of the other guys, to really get to them in the next 24 hours and let them know that that series is gone now and we have to look forward to the New Zealand series. It's important we start off this series against New Zealand on a positive note," Ponting said.Ponting is even looking at going on the front foot against the visitors by unleashing fast bowler Shaun Tait to reopen some old scars.Tait terrorised the Black Caps in a Twenty20 match at the WACA Ground in 2007, snaring 2-22 in four breathtaking overs as he unnerved the Kiwi's line-up with his sizzling pace.New Zealand are set to recall pacer Tim Southee, who sat out Thursday's loss to the Prime Minister's XI with a groin strain, while captain Daniel Vettori is also contemplating including spinner Jeetan Patel.Jesse Ryder will miss the opener due to a shoulder injury but wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum, who blasted a century against the Prime Minister's XI, appears to have overcome a hip injury.Ponting said opener David Warner, who averaged just 22.25 against South Africa in the one-day series, would play all five games against the Kiwis.

ICC withdraws Champions Trophy from Pakistan

Citing security concerns, the International Cricket Council (ICC) Sunday withdraw the Champions Trophy from Pakistan, which was scheduled to host it in September.
The Champions Trophy was originally to be held in Pakistan last year but was postponed as several top teams expressed their reservation about touring the strife-torn country due to security issues.At its Board meeting at Perth, the ICC said the tournament will be relocated from Pakistan.'With several members expressing reservations about touring Pakistan, it would be prudent to relocate the event from that country,' ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said.'It is unfortunate the ICC Champions Trophy will not take place in Pakistan due to circumstances completely beyond the control of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB),' he added.ICC, however, said that PCB would retain the revenue due for hosting the tournament.'In view of the challenges facing the PCB, the Board agreed that, irrespective of the location of the event, Pakistan would retain the revenue due for hosting the tournament.'The Board will decide on the new location before its next meeting in April.'The board has accepted the need for certainty in planning for and delivering a world-class event and will now assess where the event should be held,' Lorgat said.An ICC task team will visit Pakistan and work with the PCB to find ways to ensure that international cricket is played in the country.

Obama administration says rescue plan 'on track'

An official in U.S. President Barack Obama's administration said on Saturday the announcement of a rescue plan for the financial system was running on schedule."We are on track," the administration official said in response to a question about a CNN report the plan's announcement would take extra time due to its complex nature.
The official said the administration had never announced a formal date for the roll-out of the plan to bolster the banking system and credit markets that have been battered by the collapse of the U.S. housing market and a spike in mortgage failures. The official declined to provide further details.A source familiar with the administration's thinking said the plan could be announced as early as next week.
But CNN, citing administration officials, said the announcement of the plan would be pushed into the second week of February as officials sort out details.
"Administration aides are saying that they want to get the details right, that there are a lot of moving pieces, and so it's going to take an extra week," CNN said.
Key lawmakers such as Democratic Representative Barney Frank are expected to meet with Obama over the next few days to discuss the financial services rescue plan, according to the source.One of their priorities is to ensure there is more transparency in how banks use the government funds, the source said.Obama said earlier in the day the plan would be announced soon and would help lower mortgage costs for homeowners and spur the flow of credit to businesses and households.
So far, about half the $700 billion of the Treasury Department's Troubled Asset Relief Program has been used up since it was rushed out late last year to tackle the crisis, and economists have said a lot more money may be needed to fund the next phase of the rescue.Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive of bond firm Pacific Investment Management Co, or Pimco, said a long delay in announcing the plan would be badly received by markets.