Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our project proposes a general framework of an aglet based approach for constraint checking and Query processing across multiple databases. Our architecture is completely distributed, where in we have a sub constraint checker running on each database. We have presented the design of the constraint checker module and the data updater module. The constraint checker module has the ability to check if a given update statement violates any global constraints and the data updater module updates the global database. Our main contribution is the design of a faster and speedy constraint checking mechanism. The reason is sub constraint checks on remote databases are executed in parallel by mobile agents.
The ideas from our project open new avenues for constraint checking on mobile multidatabases. Mobility of databases introduces new challenges for constraint checking, as the mobile agent [1] executing a constraint at remote database may not return results because of disconnection or network failure. Since mobile agent [1] framework is inherently asynchronous, our approach can be extended and applied to mobile multidatabases.

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