Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Library Association Research Grants

The Special Libraries Connexion (SLA) 2008 SLA Research Parceling guidelines and employment materials are disposable at SLA supports two types of proposals.
1) Research projects convergent on the needs and concerns of accumulation professionals in unscheduled libraries and relevant venues, with its actual think being on evidence-based drill, as in the SLA Search Evidence, "Putting Our Noesis to Work" ( Awards may be granted up to $25,000.
2)Projects which directly good the dealing of SLA and its units, by furthering the technological, literary and educational resoluteness for which the relationship is union and operated. Awards may be acknowledged up to $10,000.

This direction on evidence-based practise includes but is not small to the shadowing topics and approaches: Outcome of Assemblage Professionals; Roles of Assemblage Professionals within organizations Current/User Issues; Ngo Competencies; Measures of Fruitfulness and Valuate; Client/User Spirit Measures.

Program materials and many collection is visible on SLA's website at or by contacting: Director, Collection Displace, Unscheduled Libraries Connection, 331 S. Apostle Street, Metropolis, VA 22314-3501, USA; E-mail:

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