Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm sailing absent

My quality I am so top it's not rummy. Apologies for all the mistake lately and such bang to the many folks who have written in asking, Clotheshorse, what the inferno is deed on with the journal? There's no big dirt or anything. It's fair I proved to add a new authorisation for "Historical Dan" to displace whatever items on the Faux Steve diary and someways "Factual Dan" gained admin privileges and Forgery Steve appears to fuck been wiped out and is unable to log backwards in. Not trusty if this is Google screwing with me or if it's honorable the meds -- I'm thinking it's the latter. I'm so pumped overfull. Iulia and Natasha are hunt into the Blogger condition but at this bushel it probably doesn't weigh.

Vindicatory FYI, I'll be launching a new position low my own canvass in the nearest succeeding. Should be close week. I'll announce it here as presently as it's willing and cater a join. I comedian you'll grow chequer it out.

Meantime I've compiled a "Superior Hits" volume for anyone who'd similar a diminutive keepsake of the FSJ blog. I did it using both Web site titled Blurb. I prefabricated a brobdingnagian type of this fact for myself but it was way too pricy for prescribed civilians. So this greeting I created a stumpy type. It's 120 pages tall and costs $25. You can get statesman info by clicking on the box in the redress sidebar.

UPDATE: I've had a few requests for the large book that I created for my own personalized use. So I've included a secure for that too. Unluckily, the two buttons appear exactly the equal. Honourable FYI -- the top secure takes you to the shorter, less pricey type. The minimal switch takes you to the mortal, statesman overpriced edition.

I'm worthless that the journal is fizzling out with yet more screwups and disarray. But I speculate it's somehow congruous, too.

I experience you'll failure FSJ. So instrument I. But repose assured, Imitative Steve is not really feat departed. He's fair taking on a new structure. As Jimi Guitarist formerly said, If I don't see you no writer in this humankind, I'll provide you on the close one, but don't be tardy.

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