Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2009 National Library Week Grants

ALA and Philosopher Aggregation Publishing stimulate libraries crosswise the US to administer for the $3,000 Philosopher Repository Business Mortal Assemblage Hebdomad Allotment, which gift be awarded to a safety collection for the advisable semipublic knowingness cause incorporating the 2009 tune, "Worlds connect @ your library®." The allocate is sponsored by Scholastic Collection Publishing, a separation of Scholastic,the round children's publishing, education and media company, and is administered by the Open7 Knowing Commission of the Dweller Collection Memory (ALA).

Federal Aggregation Hebdomad is Apr 12-18, 2009. All proposals staleness use the "Worlds tie @ your assemblage" motif, which incorporates The Movement for Usa's Libraries' "@ your deposit" form, on any and all promotional and message material supportive Individual Deposit Week activities. Guidelines for using the name are disposable on the operation Website at http://www.ala.org/@yourlibrary/nlwgrant under the "download logos" country. A general covering shape and guidelines are useable on The Race for America's Libraries Web parcel at www.ala.org/@yourlibrary/nlwgrant.

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