Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney Dreams do Come True!

Another weekend has come to a close. Yes, here I am spotting a new topic about the Disney Theme Park. The name of the theme park is Orlando Fun Tickets. It is a very famous place for the current summer vocations. This company is made up of recent management executives from Disney and Universal Studios. They have Combined over 50 years of industry experience. It manages Fortune 500 corporate accounts for the Walt Disney World Corporate Program. They are committed to customer satisfaction and they also guarantee it. And they take pride in providing better offers and better customer service than competitors. They are licensed and bonded with the State of Florida.

I am a reflective thinker. Any idea, debate, or experience must be mulled over for days before I can fully process it. As you can imagine, I am awful in real-time arguments. What is worse is that I am awful at writing re caps in a timely manner. In January I was invited to attend a Orlando Fun Tickets on board the Disney Wonder. Before I tell you about how incredible this experience was, I want to say a hearty and heartfelt thanks to Orlando Fun Tickets. Thank you for inviting me, thank you for taking care of me in a way only Disney can, and thank you for opening my eyes to what a cruise should be. I have been on cruises before, but never like this one. The Orlando Fun Tickets is well wondrous. Having visited Disney World several times, I am fully aware that Disney spares no expense when it comes to hospitality and cleanliness. This transfers beautifully to their cruise lines as well. For my entire stay, my stateroom was immaculate, I had more than enough opportunities to enjoy myself, and the food was delicious and true to my order. Once we were seated, in the beautiful theater, our Pirate let us know who to cheer for and what to expect. As the show progressed the Pirates continually pulled people from the audience to participate, and I was thrilled that everyone in my family was able to be part of the show. I just want everyone to stop what they are doing and book a day at Disney Tickets. I cannot wait to get back and swim with our friend, and just spend some more time really taking a vacation in Orlando. Then, everyone can get ready for Orlando Fun Tickets.

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