Friday, July 3, 2009

The Basics Of Windows Vista

Hi Friends... Here I will tell about the OS Windows Vista. Are you using Windows Vista operating system? Here you will get some useful tips. This article shows you how to find the help you need to use Windows Vista most effectively. Windows Vista includes a wide range of help resources, both online and offline. That you can access through the built-in Windows Help and Support program. This article describes how to use Help and Support and the various areas it offers, including access to the Knowledge Base on Microsoft Support Services. It is also mentions other resources that you may need to turn to when you run into less tractable problems. You may also want to use Windows Remote Assistance feature to get help. This article explains how to use Remote Assistance both to receive help from others and to provide help to others. Windows Vista’s Help and Support program is the latest in Microsoft’s efforts to provide computer based help resources powerful enough to silence the ringing of the phones on its costly support lines. Help and Support lets you use a single window to search for help both on your computer and on the Internet. Better yet, many hardware manufacturers are now providing product-support information that’s accessible through Help and Support. If you’ve used Help and Support Center in Windows XP, you’ll notice a huge difference in Windows Vista. Where Windows XP’s Help and Support Center had a busy window loaded with options too many for most people, perhaps, Windows Vista’s Help and Support keeps its interface as simple as possible. But the help information is still there, and you can access it in several ways. One disappointment in Help and Support is that you can open only a single window at a time. By contrast, Help and Support Center in Windows XP let you open two or more windows. You could then pursue a different line of inquiry in each window, which gave you a better chance of finding useful information without running into a dead end and having to retrace your steps using the Back button.

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