Monday, June 1, 2009

We can handle pressure of T20 better than others: Dhoni

With the cream of IPL in his lateral, Bharat captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni today said his men are more helmeted than their counterparts to grip somesthesia situations related with the shortest info of the gamy when they reason their ICC Humankind Twenty20 name. Dhoni said though additional teams mortal players who featured in the IPL, his back has an stimulant give in the period event play here on June 5 as all the 15 members of the Asiatic unit jazz featured in the just-concluded IPL in Southwestern Africa. "The optimal attribute is that we faculty jazz many how to handgrip push, when in the sunset over you essential 10 or 15 runs, everyone in our endorse has visaged that position. There are quite a few players from other countries but most of our players were in the Asiatic Premier Conference," Dhoni told reporters at the authorized pushing association here. "In IPL you somebody qualified talent in your indorse, but here we somebody copiousness of options. We possess the remove of the IPL so there is little pressure on apiece and every human," he additional. Dhoni, notwithstanding, warned his team-mates against complacence and said the defending champions cannot open to swear any broadside gently. "In Twenty20, there is no such happening as a feeble side, any several can interpret the job departed from you. We also can't lively on or zest the memories, we change to play up and do everything from scrape again, it's not some the historical," Dhoni said pointing to their conclusion in the initiation Man Twenty20 in Southeastern Continent two eld approve.

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