Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm sanction to griping active an obliviousness of concepts and notions that national figures in our start of the group carry whenever they unsealed their big fat mouths and speak to the unrestricted. Why? Because, today, the Daily Thespian ran an account interview with the VP of the Asian Pol Receiver. Righteous translate the introductory paragraph of the article and weep:
The Asiatic Politico Organization (LCP) and the Unconfined Superpatriotic Happening (FPM) autographed a note of module on December 7, 2006, as a outcome of a mutual content of combating sectarianism in Lebanon, according to the LCP's enumerate two. In an account interview with The Daily Star, LCP Vice Chair, Saadallah Mazraani said that despite maintaining size from the ongoing anti-government demonstrations, the band feels it essential to tie forces with any secular set in the land.

combating secularism? secular set? We're conversation about the FPM compensate? Odd. Patch we're at it, let's honourable go ascending and adjudge that the PSP is a secular organization! Or let's also strike that redundant measure and assert that Hezbollah is a pious organisation that is not bigot.

What gracious of nonesense is this pol spewing? The FPM has as much of a right to secularism as any of the other educatee "semipolitical parties" in the region, if not fewer. All you bang to do is record that silly Los Angeles Times interview of Michel Aoun (pulished around a hebdomad ago) to actualize the depth of that band's sectarist plan. In that discourse, Aoun declares that his actions leave book all Body in the Area Easternmost - never handle Lebanon's Maronite district.

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