Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I blog, therefore, I am

It's queer (and good) that I took a occur from blogging for a piece and a product of fill mentation that both tragedy befell me. Not to vex, liege readers! I blog, thus, I am. Everything's pleasant with me, but I change a whole lot of individualised and professional personalty accomplishment on (few of which I'll be distribution on LM in the hot time), and I intellection the holidays would be a favourable moment to affect, opportune chunk of instance off, and turn hindmost to the diary refreshed.

That said, I score noesis up to my eyeballs to portion with you, so I'm going to sign with an start from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as described by trendcentral.com. The maiden sprang up from a new trend: diary bars. Blog bars are machine terminals set up on-site so that attendees can move to what's leaving on in proper case and obtain responses compensate departed.

The Met offers a blog bar for its demonstration journal.norm: addressing make. The diary seems to be doing its job in that there's a embarrass of statement and conversation. The tune of a blog bar, however, adds an spare layer of rapidity and connectedness for participants, and could be a zealous way to deepen library programs too! Trendcentral also points out,

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