Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are you using the latest web browser?

In orientation of prayer defacements of hundreds of grand of web pages - with the significance to exercise them to propulsion drive-by download attacks - warrantee researchers from ETH City, Google, and IBM Internet Warranty Systems were interested in perception at the other lateral of the move: the web browser. By analyzing the web browser versions seen in visits to Google websites, they someone shown that writer than 600 cardinal Internet users don't use the newest variant of their application.

Tardily migration to stylish application variant
The researchers' press, entitled "Module the Web Application Danger", shows that as of June 2008, only 59.1% proportion of Net users worldwide use the newest better version of their preferred web application. Firefox users are the most engrossed: 92.2% of them surfed with Firefox 2, the latest starring type before the latterly released 3.0. Only 52.5% of Microsoft Internet Mortal users bang updated to edition 7, which is the most fixed according to aggregate publicly-cited Microsoft experts (among them Sandi Hardmeier). The acquisition revealed that 637 1000000 Internet users worldwide who use web browsers are either not working the fashionable type of their desirable browser or possess not installed the latest patches. These users are undefended to using due to their web browser's "built-in" vulnerabilities and the lack of more past warranty mechanisms such as built phishing Unheeded certificate patches
Over the retiring 18 months, the meditate also shows, a peak of 83.3% of Firefox users were using the newest pupil edition of the web browser and also had all latest patches installed (i.e. stylish minor variant). Exclusive 56.1% and 47.6% of Opera and Net Somebody users, respectively, were similarly utilizing fully-patched web browsers. Apple users are no surmount: since the national channel of Safari 3, only 65.3% of users control the stylish Expedition writing.

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