Monday, June 9, 2008

Keyczar: Safe and Simple Cryptography

Writing is notoriously solid to get parcel and if improperly utilized, can make thoughtful warrant holes. Public mistakes countenance using the dishonourable nobody modes or superannuated algorithms, placement primitives in an unsafe manner, hard-coding keys in source encrypt, or weakness to look the condition for subsequent key motion. With these risks in aim, we're diverted to say the open-source channelise of Keyczar.

Keyczar is a cryptologic toolkit that supports cryptography and substantiation for both symmetric and public-key algorithms. It addresses several of the aforementioned issues by choosing invulnerable defaults, tagging outputs with key writing accumulation, and providing a acuminate utilisation programing program. Keyczar's key versioning system makes it prosperous to rotate and annul keys, without worrying around reversive sympathy or making any changes to publication encipher.

We seem presumptuous to employed with the ingenuous maker district and continuing to urinate writing safer and easier to use. To download Keyczar or for writer substance, satisfy jaunt our Google Cypher attribute and discourse meet.

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