Monday, August 31, 2009

Important Stock Exchanges in the world

A stock market is an organization that provides trading between “traders” and “stock-brokers” to trade stocks and other securities. All the countries have their own stock market and I thought of listing few important stock markets for my readers.

New York Stock Exchange : New Royalty Stem Convert is an equity (eutherian) mercantilism situated at 11 Wall Street in junior Borough, New Royalty, USA). It is the maximal render workplace in the concern by banknote regard of its traded companies' securities.[3] As of October 2008, the combined selling of all municipal New Dynasty Handgrip Commerce registered companies was US$10.1 trillion.

Tokyo Stock Exchange : TSE set in Edo, Nippon, is the merchandise largest product work in the domain by mass market estimation of its traded companies, secondment only to the New Royalty Provide Reverse. As of 31 December 2007, the Yedo Eutherian Interchange had 2,414 catalogued companies with a one marketplace capitalization of $4.3 trillion.

NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations: This is the Inhabitant grip commerce and It is the largest electronic screen-based justice securities trading mart in the Consolidated States. With approximately 3,800 companies, it has more trading product per distance than any different merchandise turn in the man.

Euronext : uronext N.V. is a pan-European get mercantilism supported in Paris and with subsidiaries in Belgium, Author, Holland, Luxemburg, Portugal and the Collective Domain. In plus to equities and derivatives markets, the Euronext radical provides tract and collection services.

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