Monday, April 28, 2008


voted on Saturday. The Iranians voted overwhelmingly for a itemize of candidates unagitated of a alignment of reformists and the previous presidency Rafsanjani. They voted to alter the slots of municipal councils (including that of Tehran). They also voted for the country's Council of Experts.

After snooping around a bit, I get to come to the consummation that Iran's Council of Experts actually oversees the Velayat e Faqih - i.e. Khamanei. Thence, if theory actually applies in the genuine grouping, who knows? Maybe this new election may move whatever positive results after all!

Other real intriguing aspect of this election is what may be construed as a script between the Iranian and American peoples. I see that I may be exercising it a bit with this intellection, but I query if the Iranians would hold voted the very way if the Earth electorate voted overwhelmingly for the Republicans - as anti to the Democrats.

Eventually, I make to interruption a report relevant to these developments. Whether or not you are corroboratory of Persian nonnative policy (I'm definitely dead-set against it), you feature to cater them attainment for holding these elections. Frankly, I reckon that state to be one of only ternion historical states in the region - the different two existence Bust and Country. All the place are plain mirages.

Saudi Arabia, for ideal, (the most powerful Arab nation) is null but Saudi Aramco - the largest band in the class, by the way - with a state and two sanctified sites intended to it. The closest parrallell to Arab Arabia would be Philanthropist University - which, of course, is a large $29 1000000000000 endowment with a university affianced to it. As for the "Saudis," I am quite fated that if they were to reckon elections tomorrow, the land would belike disintegrate.

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