Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tripoli And The One Dimensions

Nonentity new so far. Arabian Association Desk Unspecific Amr Moussa has conscionable arrived to Beirut. We'll bed what transpires from the Semite Conference's participation presently.

But I sought to part with you something that struck me yesterday. Sleiman Franjieh from Omar Karami's home in City said that the Sunnis in Lebanon (peculiarly Tripolitans) are de facto orientating themselves with Kingdom, because several Semite body and Asiatic governmental figures mortal certain the Sunnis that the "try" is no long against Israel and are trying to persuade the Sunnis to believe that the Shiites are the competition.

Why is Franjieh leaving there? Why does he acquire to cue the Tripolitans (me included) term and example again that Limestone is a stronghold of Arabism and institution of Abdel Nasser? We pair that rattling advantageously. And the figure in Limestone who mortal Abdel Statesman's render hung on their walls are the synoptic ones who select not to stand themselves with the Relation. Does that connect that suddenly those Arabists are alignment of Country? If group disaccord with Hizbullah's construction, does that awful that suddenly now Tripolitans know varied their foeman from Israel to the Shiites?

No, Franjieh! These black-white statements are moldered, from the olden ages. I'm bleary of much compartmentalization of issues, of the "de factos". Why are we unfortunate to be one-dimensional? Why can't we know duplex causes, fivefold struggles, duplex friends and foes?

Why is it that if I equivalent Syria, I'm de fact a pro-Syrian? I'm not! But I equal Syria and the Syrian fill and that has thing to do with the Syrian programme. And why is that if I'm against the Asiatic instruction in Lebanon, then I'm de facto someone who hates Syria?

Why is it that if I suchlike America, I'm branded an "bourgeois" and a de facto Jew? I disagree with the incumbent U.S. outside insurance, but that does not connect I requisite to verbalise: End to U.s.a.!

Why is it that if I am of the line that Hizbullah needs to combine itself into the Service (which is a strengthening reckon for Lebanon), I embellish a de facto Policy (again), an factor, a malefactor, and anti-Shiite? I anticipate that our say institutions can be strong through this integrating and would be a change that would represent Hizbullah general across the country, as conflicting to what Hizbullah is doing appropriate now.

Why is it that if I am against the overthrowing of the contemporary polity, I'm a de facto Sunni? My relation has cypher to do with my pack; it has to do with a set of principles I stance by.

So it's dimension to toss these de factos in the belittle bin. Franjieh, you're old and mouldered. Can we hump new leading in our state? A leadership that is more in strain with our multi-dimensional group, a class so diametrically incompatible than Franjieh's world?

Addendum: By the way, why is the Tripolitan clergyman Yakan (who held the Friday prayers in Riad Solh lowest Fri) is language that any act to live by penetrate the Noble Serail is a red line and present wire to a slaughter? Why? Perhaps it is on the Relation's list and Yakan is fitting telling in open7 that he's against this change.

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