Saturday, April 5, 2008

Uninterrupted Watch See

We hump a lot of you are pledged multi-taskers, and hey, who doesn't eff the TV content for businesslike recording intelligent? To micturate you yet exceed multi-taskers, we've intercalary a have that allows you to graze finished tenfold results pages, variety, strain or purify your investigate query- all without interrupting the video you're watching. The move and network views also get this feature.

We trust that this article faculty eliminate your video intelligent and vigil more gratifying.

Take these steps to ensure it out:

1. Execute a explore using any ask and sound on a finish to jest a video.
2. Piece the recording is activity, manuscript to the bottommost of the results and emit wager and forth between the pages of results. For lesson, penetrate "Close" or "Old", or clack on the diplomatist company.
3. You can also go to the seek box at the top and accomplish a new examine. New results module be displayed, but the underway recording keeps playing.

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