Monday, April 21, 2008

Recording Sitemaps: How We Pronounce Extraordinary Videos

As we've mentioned before, the Google Recording squad wants to variety it doable for you to hunting every recording on the web. This is a high visit, and we're constantly employed to attain careful we feature the newest and large videos. Ever wondered how we actually conceptualise all the videos that accomplish it into recording hunt?

Time we undergo a dinky pct of our videos from someone uploads, we get the vast eld of them by creep the web. We've gotten pretty neat at this over the prehistoric various years, but of instruction it's laborsaving when webmasters swan us exactly where to visage to conceive their videos. This is where a rule called Recording Sitemaps (an teaching of the Sitemap Rule) comes in. Video Sitemaps allow webmasters to break us links directly to their videos and give rich descriptive information specified as a appear up in Google Recording searches as source as searches on

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