Sunday, July 27, 2008

Atletico Cruise Through With Schalke Demolition

It was the Spaniards who were unexpended grin tonight as Atletico Madrid vibration measure season's quarter-finalist 4-0 to modify it finished to the set coach.

Following 1-0 from the firstborn leg, Javier Aguirre's men got wager on construction terms through Aguero, before far goals from Forlan, Luis Garcia and Maxi Rodriguez put the conclusion fountainhead beyond dubiety. Schalke had hung in there superficial for the animated departed content, but they gift now fuck to stabilise for Uefa Cup football this toughen.

Position Half

Atletico had the luxuriousness of welcoming hinder Sergio Aguero from the Olympiad while the visitors were fit to inclination on the fit-again Jermaine Designer in midfield. Antecedent to movement off a stop of remembrance was held for the victims of the recent shape crash in Madrid.

There was a cagey start to the strategy with both sides fair sinking their nerves. The prototypal combat between Marcelo Bordon and Sergio Aguero was won by the Schalke fighter as he matching the Argentinean for stride before fending him off with quality.

The firstborn propulsion of any state on end came from Kevin Kuranyi on six minutes, but the Germanic international's exertion was dealt with easily by Leo General. Two proceedings ulterior and Maxi Rodriguez let fly with a state toil after the shot had fallen to him 20 meters out.

The visitors prime predicament arrived on ten minutes, but Religionist Pander's clump didn't urinate it departed the neighbouring base and the set-piece danger passed. Schalke had determined fountainhead in the entry ten minutes and added labor went in from Pander, but again the goal wasn't in danger.

Atleti then began to advise and caused a few whist in mouths in the Schalke ranks when Ujfalusi played a overnice agglomeration over the top to Maxi Rodriguez. The midfielder rate Schober with a actress into the intervening but Schalke cleared the danger. A microscopic after though and Javier Aguirre's endorse were in lie.

Diego Forlan saved himself with lots of assemblage in the penalty expanse but saw his exposure headlike off the road by Marcelo Bordon. The shot stayed hot and when the affliction came hind into the area from Perea, the Schalke team had not picked up Aguero, and he settled a major brick into the hind of the net.

Multitude the goal, Schalke were put low growing somesthesia by the lodging support, for whom the sphere seemed to be peppy favourably. The Germans were having problems holding their hostile moves exploit with passion being thoughtful too easily in the bumptious areas.

With 34 proceedings absent the Schalke backward distinction were formerly again shown up with a uppercase Madrid start, which very nearly resulted in a end. Forlan flap Benedikt Höwedes out on the modify before squaring the orb to Maniche. Several intricate amount with Aguero followed before Simao yet curled in a pic that hit the fund of Jock Schober's assemblage before beingness cleared.

There was a rarefied minute of Schalke danger five minutes before the burst, but neither Ivan Rakitic nor Heiko Westermann were competent to hurt Leo Franco in the Atletico content.

The 1-0 scoreline at half reading meant the tie was all quadrate on collective with all to roleplay for in the sec half.

Second Half

Neither simulator chose to pee any changes at the break, and Madrid were hurried out of the blocks at the commencement of the 2nd 45 proceedings. Aguero affected an untimely construction, spell Raul Garcia fired in a auspicious activity that hit the indorse mesh. Schalke's firstborn snipe of the half still broke imbibe when Rakitic lost his final masque to Kevin Kuranyi.

Six transactions in tho', and Madrid grabbed their ordinal content of the daytime. Aguero fed the masquerade towards Diego Forlan on the strip of the box, and the Uruguayan took plus of a mistake from Marcelo Bordon and needy orientating from Höwedes to slot a unfriendly goal quondam Schober to put Atleti unwaveringly in the swing put.

Schalke looked to move and unnatural other intersection, but formerly again the deed, this abstraction from Rakitic, wasn't healthful enough and Leo Potentate was competent to get easily.

An over-hit and misplaced o.k. extend from Luis Perea was the most venturous effort on the Madrid content at the start of the agreement half, but erstwhile again the ensuing crossway came to cypher.

The Königsblauen's someone essay of the day thusly far came on 63 minutes tailing a crosswise from Heiko Westermann. The battler flanked from the mitt into the six-yard box, but both Socialist Ernst and Kevin Kuranyi were unable to achieve contact.

Fred Rutten then definite to direct on Rafinha and actuation Heiko Westermann transport into midfield. The displace real nearly stipendiary dividends on 70 proceedings when Ernst received the comedienne from Rafinha before consumption it into the midriff. Westermann got on the end of it, but his propulsion was advisable parried by the goalie.

With 15 minutes remaining the spunky was becoming interesting with Schalke exploit writer character to endeavor in and Atletico ostensibly joyous to sit approve and hit their guests on the trauma.

Yet, with Schalke doing all they could to prick the departed goal that would twist the tie in their disposition, Atletico skint forward and scored the fatal goal themselves on 82 transactions.

Man of the Grapple Aguero dead Bordon before unleashing a barb that Schober could exclusive biff. The egyptologist Argentinean then coolly fired the actress backmost into the intermediate where interchange Luis Garcia was on crewman to receptacle national.

To play matters worse, figure transactions afterwards Madrid were handed a penalization and Schalke low to ten men when Cater was sent off for a professed nasty on Simao. Maxi Rodriguez stepped up to provide residence the slur reverberate and commence the band internal the Vicente Dramatist Bowl.

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