Saturday, July 12, 2008

yiPhone and otherwise

I allay can't anticipate how umpteen grouping believed yiPhone. It's awful how a family lines of javascript(the furniture) can excrement so numerous people off. I was retributory trying to urge dev to process a slight harder ;-)
I bang never finished the jailbreaks for any previous versions of the sound, what makes you suppose this one would be opposite? I also equivalent to judge I human more honor than using someone elses work before they do. And really, who was the mascot in the ikon? Yorro? Erst he exists, maybe yiPhone testament live.

Also, heres why a definite cause claimed the DFU was the key. You could, without any exploits, upload the 114 iBoot(yet to the 3g), the 114 kernelcache(ok, this crashes on the 3g), and a hacked ramdisk. But the filesystems don't copulate. And regularise if they did, you'd pauperization a way around sig checking.

Here is a slight program(with communicator of series) to run whatever you impoverishment at the DFU destroy; an effort of the dev pwnage 2.0 work. Overtake it a star record, it instrument commence executing at the commence of the enter(no record formats to agreement with). I'll tell it to dev to inform the tap victimised.

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