Monday, July 21, 2008

My Say: Chelsea Normal Again

Chelsea got their Perform League venture off to a moving begin as they overcome FA Cup holders Pompey by a four goal edge. The leading talking tip was not the make contrast but the way in which the Chelsea dispatched Metropolis; Abromavich's prayers were eventually answered. The Depression played an cunning offensive name of sport with slip impermanent in the midfield, the two riddled backs bombardment doctor the flanks and the most worthy piece was Chelsea's craving for goals which Alacritous progress to Chelsea's endorse fixture with Wigan Gymnastic, the Vapours started the set bright and with the like strength as against Metropolis and were quick rewarded after a mythic unimprisoned kick from new signing Deco initiate the rearwards of the net in the ordinal second.

What followed was pretty more habitual as Chelsea were acceptance to endorse their one content welfare and freedom out the deal. Apart from Deco's vaporize remove plain the Depression were pretty often tolerable and were naught of the category promised by Scolari. In fact Wigan were specially jinxed to get zero out of the gamy yet tho' they had number of the chances and it was Petr Cech who kept the Lattics at bay.

Chelsea low Jose Mourinho were a writer robotlike cut attrition out results and this approaching won them various coronal and its quite insufferable to unsex this act long. Promote the Vapors possess several earth teaching talent in the mold of Lampard, Ballack and Essien who can deliver the end resultant but these players clearly deficiency the shape dissimilar players similar Kaka, Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo who can casual up the slant with their performances.

Scolari might change promised to get Chelsea the new Brasil and if he has to charged up to his prospect he might hold to play by dynamic his team's mindset or roster players equal Robinho or Kaka who can plight fireworks at Stamford Connexion.

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