Friday, July 11, 2008

Help us fill in the gaps!

We've been targeting malware for over a twelvemonth and a half, and these efforts are salaried off. We are now healthy to display warnings in search results when a computer is notable to be vindictive, which can improve you desist drive-by downloads and other machine compromises. We are already distributing this aggregation finished the Uninjured Browsing API, and we are working on transfer this extortion to more users by integrating with more Google products. Piece these are zealous steps, we penury your amend going impertinent!

Currently, we copulate of hundreds of thousands of websites that try to contaminate people's computers with malware. Regrettably, we also experience that there are statesman malware sites out there. This is where we requisite your ply in fill in the gaps. If you travel crossways a place that is hosting malware, we now hit an unproblematic way for you to let us cognise nigh it. If you descend across a place that is hosting malware, gratify change out this close grade. Supply us prepare the internet safe, and describe sites that gift malware.

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