Friday, July 11, 2008

The iPhone

I see a real problem with the iPhone hacking accord. Most of the knowledge virtually the iPhone is somewhere within the dev unit. If the dev group disbands and plane a modest update is prefab which breaks things, all we'll have is a duad obstructed publication tools and haphazard accumulation stray around the internet. And I've had lower and inferior case to succeed on this, so I can't cell up anymore.

We victimized to know an opened wiki, actually it hasn't been staring for a agelong quantify at But whoever was managing it allowed it to fall isolated, until it eventually went offline, destroying message. I *hate* losing aggregation. I greeting I'd managed that wiki from the point, it's almost too unpunctual now.

Now we have the iPhone dev "wiki". According to wikipedia "A wiki is a accumulation of web pages organized to enable anyone who accesses it to encourage or add noesis". So I estimate it's not truly a wiki. got 400,000 hits. If still 1% of those people pay to The iPhone Wiki, it give be so awful. I already intercalary a lot of info. Anyone can create an declare and delete, yet the principal tender. I don't separate collection, exclusive email.

I proven really velar to urinate the wiki a objective set for assemblage. The hosting costs are freelance for by the ads on this journal; I figured I should do something smashing with the money, so there leave never be ads or donate links on the wiki. I'm disagreeable to passing the noesis of the iPhone onto the incoming procreation of hackers. Present you service me?

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