Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Petroleum is natural resources which cannot be renewed. Means, usage continually causes decreasing of petroleum supply. Globalization and industrialization causes requirement of excelsior oil fuel, whereas produce of fuel unable to make balance to its requirement growth.In this decreasing of world oil supply, various energy types that can be renewed become more competitive to based-fossil oil. Actually, a lot of non-fossil fuel can be an alternative because Indonesia has a lot of energy non-fossil source that can be alternative fuel.Petroleum will not be a source of fuel for much longer. What are we going to do when it runs out? I will explain alternative sources for fuel or energy for vehicles that are already in use or that have been proposed. With each source I will discuss the pros and then the cons of it. Biodiesel is liquid material formulated specially for diesel engine made from vegetable oil (bio-oil). Its usage doesn't require modification of the diesel engine. With mixture composition between 20 % of biodiesel and 80% of solar, various vehicles such as truck, bus, finite tractor of industrial machine can apply this Biodiesel. Biodiesel can be yielded from acidulous crop of fat like coconut sawit.

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