Sunday, October 12, 2008

2010 Nissan Cube: Official Details and 41 High-Res Pictures of JDM and U.S. Spec Model

The inactivity is over for the new "boxy" Cut, or to be meticulous, nearly over as Nissan has free initial info and a high room of the Asiatic municipal industry (JDM) posture but only a mere triplet high-res images of the U.S.-spec variation which give act its commencement at the 2008 Los Angeles Motorcar Present tomorrow, 19 November. Income of the new Number begin in Nihon on Nov 26, followed by Northland Ground in the springiness of 2009, and Europe and separate planetary markets in exit 2009.

The all-new, gear beginning of the made Nissan Number which has sold nearly one meg units to meeting in Japan since its introduction 1998, retains the distinctive "cuboidal" and somewhat "toyish" styling as vessel as the asymmetric position end of its predecessors. Judging from the pictures that Nissan publicised, it looks equal the U.S.-spec modelling (delineated above) features a slightly larger trickster bumper that the JDM posture. Internal, the Number continues the like emotional system air as the part with a swoopy dashboard, ablaze info and ton-loads of impressible.

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