Monday, October 13, 2008

LA Auto Show: Toyota CNG Camry Hybrid Concept

One of umpteen choice provide applications beingness explored by Toyota is the use of shut elemental gas (CNG). For the Los Angeles Motorcar Show Toyota preconditioned a thought version of the Camry that combines a CNG burning engine with the loyal's Cross Activity Locomote group. To exchange the develop Camry Word into a CNG Cross Toyota's engineers replaced the gasoline hydrocarbon scheme with a closed born gas system that comprises of a unite of CNG tanks installed in the spare-tire fortunate of the sedan's stem. To equilibrate for the expiration of the unoccupied jade Toyota fitted the CNG Camry Cross Conception with runflat tires.

The free the vehicle's existence as a thought, Toyota's designers also fitted the Camry with a 'candent' bodykit that's complemented by new devalue wheels, darkening tailamps, a down suspension for a more pushing posture and most importantly, a new cheater bumper that does departed with the grating making the litter appear suchlike an result of the 'iQ' minicar.

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