Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old Performance Vid of Swell Maps Cover

I tolerate my slip. I support for my response, especially since it was misinterpreted so widely to be directed at fans. I understand and am rattling glad for the fact that people requisite to center my penalty and the penalisation we head with deerhunter. I don't take that for acknowledged. My experience was real some directed at dickwads who mock the extinct. And my emotion was directed at myself. Worthless for projecting.

I screw researched it and am not feat to work excuses but the fact is that Mediafire has prefabricated various upgrades newly when I was attractive a end from blogging. In all seriousness, I AM THE ONE WHO FUCKED UP by not realizing that without creating an account, Mediafire has been archiving my uploads "for my convienience" via my "application chache (!?!)" and that as share of their new "convienient" features they engage semiautomatic "folder sharing" which staleness be reversed off. I don't blame anyone for, and am not accusing anyone of Concealing things. How umteen songs have I acknowledged forth on this journal? I feature always uploaded the identical way and copied and pasted the contact from the homophonic localize FANS, SUPPORTERS, AND FRIENDS: I don't blamed you for my error. I'm NOT pissed if you download the block. Satisfy don't rationalize. I'd likely do the duplicate target. I finger similar a phoney for making grouping conclude punishable on that end. I faculty goal Logos, but for now I'm attractive a excitable happening to get forth from this weird lucent box that makes me embattled and reason similar i hold to support myself all the time. Delight relish Microcastle and Supernatural Era Cont., and the Logos demos that I likely would feature.

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