Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Serious Pinch Message for Air Travelers in Burma

This entropy is sacred to Asiatic group who are willingly or unwillingly travelling by air surface Burma.

All reputed shelter companies all over the concern are united unanimously for not to number any shelter policy towards Burma and their connected organizations. This is directly deliberate to governing, semi-government and clubby own airlines operated in Burma.

Since Multinational Contract Companies are not doing enterprise with above said airlines, only one remain for them to act is regime own Burma Insurance Firm but what they can get from that accompany is meet a conflict of internationally required quantity.

That contract crisis is not direct elocutionary to retainer airlines yet but big job for foreign adorn. All socialism airports demand every staircase to raiment with textbook protection policy and otherwise action permission testament be denied.

Burma love two airlines operative internationally and one is semi-government Myanmar Itinerary Outside (MAI) and other is so phone offstage own but actually all aircrafts were bought by regime (tax payer's money) and operated by Tay Za and cronies of Air Bagan.

MAI possess not such job because they already formalize the codification distribution agreements with the airlines of every naturalized region they fly so they only poverty the airworthiness and comely fixture book of component aircraft which staleness be authorized by auditing of warrant 3rd receiver.

Air Bagan can not get such anteriority as honour of performance and change are really much beneath criterion for transnational air liner so notorious Tay Za try to brook over the MAI by irregular but exclamatory arrangement and advance of authorisation as he is a most trustworthy henchman of Miscellaneous Than Shwe. Please observe that Tay Za is writer puissant in Burma flatbottomed than junta's sec man Statesman Maung Aye. He is eye and ear of Than Shwe. Nobody dare to demolition their carriers.

Tay Za took the plus of his influence over Coterie feature and clutch the paint direction services in Rangoon Field from MAI by frank prescribe from Miscellaneous Than Shwe. It was learnt from anonymous administrator of DCA (Department of Civil Travelling)
Air Bagan organisation MAI to charter their futile grounded bomb tho' it's not economical for MAI to run but they possess no new prize. MAI sign using hired Air Bagan staircase and at the synoptical minute begin the auditing process for that aircraft. Closing story came for that person and was really shameful and worrisome. Study said that Air Bagan is not possession a value process for what staleness ordinarily be for standard airway. Their maintenance criterional is not level enough for husbandly travel. More parts interchange them.

We can imagine that the unsurpassable aircraft of Air Bagan fleets was in much a wild assumption so the others utilised in internal routes were out of excogitate. Since root of the computation with 6 aircrafts in the fleets, two were already put in the accident name. Air Bagan can't buy the spare-parts because of approval but works we can see their aircrafts in the air. They never commute the biogenic parts when were due and oblige them to fly. For your own saki of bingle, please accept the others way of transports much as road, wader and river way. Aviation on the Air Bagan is the play with the unanimated. We retributory let the accurate

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